Wholesale LED Lighting Providers and The Market It Holds


LED lighting is considered to be one of the efficient lighting systems which are available in the market. People around the world are aware of the efficiency of LED lighting and its capability of consuming the power in very less amount than any other lighting that are available in market. LED lighting is said to be capable of consuming 75 % lesser energy than other popular bulbs like florescent, CFD, incandescent bulbs. Wholesale LED lighting is one of the biggest markets and it has provided help to many of the hardware and lighting providers. The market is holding a huge share on the retailers which can hold the profit of up to 60 % from its purchase rate in the wholesale market.

Popular Type of LED Bulbs Available in The Wholesale LED Lighting Market:


Wholesale LED lighting market consists of many variants of LED bulbs based on the output produced and based on its size and based on many important factors, some of them are as follows:

1. Application oriented LED bulbs:

This type of LED bulbs or circuit are based on the needs of the customers. LED bulbs are used in many places like name boards, advertisement boards and also it is used as a decorative element around the specific photograph and many more. Application oriented LED lighting system will be built with multiple colours.

2. Miniature or small sized LED lights:

This type of LED bulb is usually smaller in size and it is used for some specific reasons like decorative objects. This bulb is widely used for testing purposes in laboratory. Smaller sized LED bulbs are used in LED TV, other objects and also in electronic appliances. This type of LED lightings is holding a huge share in wholesale LED lighting market. This type of bulbs is manufactured in a way that they can be fitted easily.

3. Reflectional LED lights:

Reflectional LED lights are also known as directional LED lights which can light up a single particular room. This type of bulbs can produce enormous lights with less amount of energy consumption. Reflection LED bulbs are usually preferred by people all over the world in retail form. This type of LED bulbs can be fitted easily by the people themselves without any assistance. Reflectional LED lights are the major product in the wholesale LED lighting market. This is the product which is preferred by many of the retailers in and around the world and there are some specific brands which are preferred specifically by many retail outlets.

4. LED focus bulbs and focus lights:

Before 2 to 3 years, focus bulbs are produced by only using high energy consumption filament to produce high beam of light but after the invention of LED lighting bulbs, focus bulb manufacturers have changed their filament and their entire structure by applying LED diodes. Light-emitting diodes applied in focus lights are capable of producing high beam of light in a particular straight line and the energy consumed by these kinds of diodes is lesser than the previous filament used in focus bulbs. LED focus bulbs are sometimes combined with halogens to produce a beam of light which can travel comparatively longer distance than any other lights. In wholesale LED barrisol lighting market, this type of focus bulb is nascent and it is started to attain its own share of market.

Other than the above listed LED lighting bulbs, spotlights created by using LED are also very famous in wholesale LED lighting market. This type of LED lights is used in showrooms to highlight some of the showcased premium products.


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