The Importance of Good Packaging and Custom Boxes


The art of packaging is something that speaks the story of a commodity inside the packet. The size, depth, material and print of the box contributes to the making of a smart, posh, classy, and attractive packet. And believe it or not, most of the consumers hold a common opinion, that if it’s not packaged well, it’s not worth it. A good packaging develops the brand value.

Customers get frustrated with ill packaged products

Custom Boxes

Consumers check the style and quality of packaging for a product when they receive it or directly buy it. The box quality and color, print and style and texture are a few of the things which come into notice and visibility apparently and they create the first impression of the brand associated with the product.

Next, when the consumer handles the box, touches and feels the thing, this feeling of handling a well packed product develops further. Finally, on opening the box, and seeing how the contents were placed and arranged inside, the full feeling of satisfaction and comfort with the product is established.

Say you open a box, which is hard and smart looking, and gives you a nice feel, and then you find the content inside to be too small and hovering around the bigger area of the box. How would you feel? Won’t you have a feeling that the company is not bothered about the item’s size, and placed it in any of the available boxes with them, without caring how the product would bounce inside the package while in transit and handling? Well, that is what bothers the mind of many consumers.

Again, if you see that the product is too big to fully fit the box, and yet the packagers tried to paste the box covers from end to end to somehow accommodate the product to the extent that a little more pressure would burst open the box, then also you would get the same feel of negligence towards the product. You would feel, as if there was no box as good and suitable for the product to hold it right.

These things create a bad taste for the company or brand and never make a customer respect the values of the business or company. Hence, one of the golden rules of doing business and branding is to design custom boxes for the product, which would suit the product type and size so well that when customers get the item, they would believe that the box and product were both made for each other. It’s this feeling that when nurtured, makes the customers believe how precious the product is for the manufacturer and seller too, and how they cared to pack it with decency and style.

Just imagine, a product which has little value as the thing in the eyes of the company or business, or the seller or the packers; won’t it automatically lose its value in the eyes of the customer too!

Ordering custom boxes

Custom Boxes

A few years back, getting a custom size box was a hassle. Now it’s no more. Now you can order custom size boxes with any style, texture, thickness, print, color etc. And you can place orders for small or big boxes according to your need. This facility sorts the entire problem and helps you raise your product’s brand value in the eyes of the customer.

The costing for custom boxes in bulk is not too high these days with some good players in the market, who would take orders for any style of custom box, and make them with great finish. Boxes as small as to pack a pen, earring, broach or perfume, and boxes as big as to hold an ottoman, TV, or a big piece of furniture, all can be ordered with the brand name, some slogan, logo etc printed on them.


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