5 Smart Trends to Watch in Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting
Commercial Lighting

When it comes to commercial lighting, the lighting needs to decrease operational costs and increase the efficiency. In addition it should provide the right ambience and add to the comfort of the occupants of that space. For example, factory and industry workers need bright lights to work productively and efficiently. Restaurants need warm and dim lighting to create a relaxing mood. Hotel rooms need to allow the guest to use the kind of lighting he or she would prefer, as the same room could be used for video conferences where the lighting should be bright, and yet the same place needs to have soft dim lights when relaxing after a day’s work. Irrespective of the type of commercial establishment you own, here are some trends to help you out with the commercial lighting that are gaining popularity very quickly.

Trendy Commercial Lighting Tips

  • Commercial buildings are changing their commercial lighting to Light Emitting diodes or LED lights. This helps to decrease the maintenance costs as well as reduced utility bills. These commercial lighting also give better quality of lights. There are also design experts for hotels who believe that guests want more value for their money rather than trendy aesthetics and therefore they prefer lighting and architecture which is more simplified but sophisticated. Therefore, ceiling systems and integrated lighting which are more visually appealing and more open, and the architecture of the ceiling which combats over-lighting is the look they are striving for.
  • The Internet allows business owners to control and to automate lighting using tablets and smartphones:
    1. This helps to decrease energy costs and it increases the productivity as well as improves the comfort of the customer. They can dim lights or turn them off or on with a click of a button from anywhere in the world.
    2. This helps to deter criminals as they feel that there are people in the premises. It also can be programmed so that if movement is detected, the lighting can be brightened. This can also come with audible alerts.
    3. The technology of controlling the light fixture with smartphones can make the hotel stay more personalized. The digital concierge service will guide the guests to the room and they can even automatically adjust the light, temperature and sound in the room.
  • Circadian rhythm lighting changes the color temperature indoors to mimic the outdoor color temperature and so the lighting patterns are in harmony with the seasons. This helps increase the cognitive function of the employees, their mood and productivity as well. It can mimic a bright sunny day or even clouds which obscure the sun from time to time.
  • Color tuning features are added to LED technology where the users can adjust the color of the LED lights as per the demands of the office space. There could be white color tones for some places, restaurants on the other hand prefer dim to warm adjustments. LEDs can even be paired with smart glass for windows as well as walls which regulates the glare and this way the commercial establishment is well lit but it does not consume too much power. This pairing of the LED with the smart glass is in places where the entry and exit of light is regulated.
  • There are in built sensors which are added to light fixtures which automatically turn on when the room is used. These are good for function halls, indoor parking lots as well as workstations.

Keep these trends in mind to install the best and modern commercial lighting in your commercial establishments.


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