5 Points to Consider Before Booking Restaurants with Function Rooms


With so many parameters to consider, it is only natural for anyone to get confused while booking a place for an important event. If anything goes wrong with the venue itself, the other things can get horribly wrong, too. This is why you need to be very careful while booking restaurants with function rooms.

The number of invitees, arrangement for catering, and the number rooms needed – everything depends on that single place. All of these might sound a bit overwhelming if not completely intimidating. But, there is nothing to worry. If you consider the 5 most important points, listed below, before booking a restaurant, there will be no problem at all.


  1. Location of the restaurants

Location is one of the most important parameters when you book a restaurant, unless, of course it is a destination event. It is important that the restaurant be located nearer to all the attendees’ homes, especially for those who are the main invitees.

In case your guests are travelling to attend your function, it is advisable to keep the restaurant location near the airport or railway station and make proper transport arrangements for everybody. If you are not arranging the transport yourself, it is better to consider the traffic condition and easy availability of transportation at the time your function is scheduled.

  1. Parking availability at the restaurants

It is imperative that attendees are able to park their vehicles at a safe place. So, it is necessary to enquire about parking area while choosing restaurants with function rooms. In case the restaurant does not own a parking area, do check with them if they can provide any nearby area for this purpose. If the restaurants do not make such arrangements, you will need to make alternate arrangements. You can reserve a nearby place yourself, for the parking purpose.

  1. Capacity of the restaurant function rooms

Before you enquire about the room capacity of the restaurant for your function, you need to decide on the number of guests likely to visit. Only then you will be able to decide on the room size. Apart from the capacity and size of the function rooms, you will also need to consider few more aspects such as safety procedures, fire alarms and such before finalizing it.

Also, make sure you enquire about the minimum food and beverage spending amount or the F&B Minimums, as it is commonly called. In case your budget reaches a certain threshold, ask the restaurant manager if they would be willing to provide any complimentary service such as WI-FI. Most good restaurants with function rooms offer complimentary services for certain minimum spend.

  1. Services available in the restaurants

Services are very important when booking restaurants with function rooms. There are various kinds of services that include having a kitchen or providing catering services for the event. If they do, check out the taste and quality of food served in advance. Check if the venue has sufficient number of chairs, tables as well as linens; and whether the place provides its own set of cleaning or servicing crew.

  1. Ambience and sound quality

The ambience of the rooms should be comfortable for your guests. Therefore, pay extra attention to this aspect. Also, consider the architectural style and interior decoration of the room. After all, the entire interior must reflect the mood of the event at hand. The sound system of the room should also be the focus of your attention.

If you follow these tips, you can easily find great vietnamese restaurants with function rooms that suit your needs.


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