Small Changes to Simplify Life


Life isn’t easy, but it can be made easier. Here are just a few useful tips to simplify your life and align you with your goals.

simple Life

Focus Your Attention

What is it that causes you the most stress in life? Everyone has different worries that might seem small to other people but feel big to them. While your impulse might be to concentrate on solving these apparent problems, take a step back to evaluate what you truly want and where you should focus your energy. If you notice that too much of your attention goes toward something unhelpful or distressing, try to shift your attention to something more meaningful. Meditation can help with learning to control your attention better.

Reduce Friction Between Tasks

If you find that procrastination and avoidance are problems for you, a useful method of getting tasks done is to reduce the friction of beginning the task. If you plan to draw every day, have your sketchbook and pencils out and ready before you start. Make it easier to do the task than to avoid the task.

Look After Your Body

How you care for your physical form greatly impacts your quality of life. Maintain a personal standard of health by knowing your body and caring for it appropriately. For example, keep your teeth clean and skin protected to prevent lasting damage that can limit your enjoyment of later life. Even simple solutions like wearing night-driving glasses from can make everyday tasks easier and improve your quality of life in the long run. Your future self will be thankful for your efforts.

Limit Your Petty Choices

To help you focus on achieving your goals sooner and with greater success, you can impose limits upon aspects of your life that create unnecessary decision opportunities. For example, having to choose what to wear each morning might feel like a burdensome task if fashion or style isn’t interesting to you. In this case, find a few items of clothing you like best and reduce your choice to make getting dressed simpler. This can apply to other aspects of life, too, such as meal preparation and phone usage. Cook and store your meals at the start of the week and delete all the apps from your phone that don’t bring you closer to your goals.

Invest in Comfortable Shoes

Although it might sound too specific, having comfortable footwear can drastically improve your quality of life. Sore feet can lead to sore knees, hips, and backs. It can also make you feel less inclined to go outside or exercise. Find out if you have any special requirements for your feet and ensure they are catered to. Good shoes make a surprising difference.

Concentrate on Good Rest

Not everyone operates on the same sleep schedule. Some people require far fewer hours of sleep than others to feel just as ready for the day. Figure out what works best for you and stick to a healthy routine. Avoid using screens or eating too close to bedtime, and make sure your sleep environment is conducive to comfort and peace. This way, you’ll feel more energized and able to achieve your full potential.


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