Why You Should Hire Architectural Designers for Home Renovations


While making small constructional renovations to your assuming that there is no need of an architectural designer can be a huge mistake. When I say constructional renovations, I do not mean small changes like enlarging a window opening, removing a non-bearing wall, or retiling a room. I am talking about renovations like remodelling a room, changing the stairway position; expand the kitchen, or any such huge projects. Most people have a misconception that architects are needed only for designing the whole house. The idea of hiring an architectural designer for a small remodelling of your home may not even cross your mind. But, you, as a homeowner fail to see the impact such small renovations can have on the home. Well, I agree that architectural designers are expensive. But they are totally worth the extra cost.

Reasons to get architectural designers for home renovations

Architectural Designer

The focus on the big picture

People do not have an idea how renovating a single room can affect the outlook of the complete home. Sometimes, a wrongly designed room would upset the layout of the whole house. There have been many such instances where at the end people end up regretting not hiring an architectural designer. For example, if you approach a kitchen company for kitchen remodelling, they will only look at the kitchen and not keep in mind that a crossover between the spaces of the home is extremely critical. If there is an architect, the crossover factor would be kept in consideration and thus no room or space would get isolated from the rest of the house and all the zones would be kept in consideration.

The structural needs

For any renovation, there are some structural factors to be fulfilled. People tend to overlook those during small remodelling projects. Whenever we envision a perfect room, we think of the aesthetics like size and finished surfaces and greatly ignore the skeletal bone of this pretty picture – the building structure. It is an architectural designer’s job to design a sturdy and strong structure that can bear the weight of the building. Thus, hiring an expert architect makes sure your renovation works and designs play by the structural rules. Also, in some cases of a badly built home, if you hire an architectural designer for small home renovations, he can point out all the structural flaws of the building and help you to correct those as an expert architect knows all the alternative ways to solve such issues. This will strengthen the house structure.

More suitable renovation ideas

Architectural Designer

Generally, all the renovation service providers are driven by getting to the end result as quickly as possible and thus they offer outcomes they are familiar with. But all those outcomes may not necessarily suit your home. For example, a pool renovation service provider would hand you a book with several reference designs for you to choose from. Out of those, most of the layouts may not even be of suitable size for your home and thus your vision of styles gets narrowed down to a few designs. On the other hand, an architectural designer would visit the property, chat with the owners, and determine the requirements by collecting as much information as he can. Thus, an architect can give a tailored design that suits your home style as well as your personality.

It is commonly noticed that people think architectural designers do not take smaller jobs, i.e. they refuse to renovate just one room, change the stairway position or any such remodelling that is not as huge as a full house renovation. This is absolutely untrue. Smaller projects are actually trickier that the bigger ones and therefore more knowledge and experience is needed. So, if an architectural designer is ready to take up your small projects, he is probably more experienced. Also, a good architectural designer will avoid using technical terms and explain the matters in a simple language.


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