Best Tips for Text Message Etiquette in the Business World

Text Message
Text Message

Smartphones have now become the main tool of business communication. Many in management and primary employers rely heavily on smartphone communication to ensure that their business runs smoothly. Since there is a great deal of dependence, there has been a rise in dilemmas and situations that employers and employees do not know how to handle, or in which they handle it poorly.

Texting is at the center of many of these dilemmas. When it comes to texting etiquette, or any kind of etiquette, people need to think about how what they do or don’t do affects their clients, colleagues, employees or employers. Below is a set of guidelines applicable to everyone in the business world.

Always Make Sure to Have Permission to Text

This goes for employees and employers. It is important to make sure that there is an invitation to do so. To make sure that there is, you should ask the partners, clients, associates, employees or management if it is acceptable to text them. Their response should let you know whether or not they see it as appropriate and under what situation that is.

Text During Appropriate Hours

Try not to send texts to people associated with work outside of business hours, unless it is something that understandably absolutely has to be done in that moment. Otherwise, it is like they are taking their work home with them without being compensated for it.

Do Not Text Professionals Like a Teenager

Abbreviations and acronyms should be avoided at all costs. Slang should be completely steered clear of and proper grammar should always be used. Keep your texts brief, respectful and entirely professional. If you must use an emoji, then make sure that it is done to emphasize a positive feeling.

Make Sure All Parties Included in Mass Texts Agree to Being Included

We’ve all been in situations where we are included in a mass text, and so the responses of other individuals included keeps coming up in our notifications. This is why you should only mass text when all parties have agreed to participate. One way to make sure everyone is on board with being included in a mass text is by using a reliable texting service, like The Message Centre. Doing so also allows you to avoid communication issues with individuals who may be otherwise accidentally left out of the group.

Employers Should Never Use Text to Announce Any Sudden Changes

If you do text your employees or clients, you should know that they may not read the text in enough time to adapt to the changes. Refrain from changing any schedules or dates, times or places for meetings over text. Direct phone calls or emails with plenty of time in advance would be more appropriate.

Remember, business texting should be used sparingly. A professional should not be texting as a primary means of communication. Use good judgement and discretion when texting for business purposes. Anyone who follows these rules and uses reliable services for mass texts will stand out as a professional with solid business etiquette.


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