How to Troubleshoot Electrical Issues in the Office

Electrical Cable
Electrical Cable

Working in an office sometimes might involve a bit more work apart from your regular job duties. On occasions when there are some kinds of electrical issues, you might want to tackle them yourself, but only if you’re sure that you can manage it without professional help, of course. It’s great when you’re able to fix a certain problem yourself without having to wait for a service to arrive, so make sure that you know which electrical issues can be dealt with by your own hands and which require an electrician.

Check the cords and cables

Most problems with cords and cables can be tackled by a regular office worker almost immediately. Therefore, make sure that you check the cords and cables of all the electrical devices in your office and especially those that are essential for proper work, such as computers and printers. With many office computers and other devices, cords and cables can often get damaged, especially if most of these are lying on the floor for anyone to step on them.

You can go for an instant fix if you happen to see a damaged cord or cable with the help of electrical tape. Still, even if the whole process is not very demanding, you should always unplug the cord or cable you’re working on for your complete safety. What’s more, in order to prevent further damage, you might want to think about suggesting the installation of cable runners, or organize and store them away yourself with the help of some effective DIY cable solutions for proper organization and storage.

Inspect the sockets


Both damaged cords/cables and sockets can further damage your electrical devices, which is why it’s absolutely necessary to regularly inspect them. Sockets require a bit more caution when dealt with, so if there’s any work that you need to do on a socket, make sure to turn off the power fuse. The biggest issue when sockets are concerned is the possibility of them being loose, with wires sticking out, advise the guys at Sydney Electrician.

In order to fix this, you can tighten the screws in place with a screwdriver. Still, for anything more serious and challenging, such as a power issue, it is always better to call for a professional service to fix this and that way prevent this issue from getting out of hand or – god forbid – experiencing an electric shock.

Computers and printers

You probably aren’t an expert when it comes to inner workings of computers and printers, so if your computer is crashing down all the time or printer simply won’t work, it’s best to leave this issue to a professional. Still, you can always make sure that these devices are properly taken care of.

You can easily clean the inside of your computer on your own or replace an ink cartridge on a printer. Even if you’re unsure about the best way to replace a cartridge, you can always look it up. This process is pretty easy to do. Also, when cleaning the inside of your computer, make sure to do it gently, that everything is unplugged and in absolutely no contact with electricity.

Other minor repairs

Electrical cabels
Electrical cabels

This might come as a surprise to you, but some people refrain from any electrical work, even if it’s as simple as changing a light bulb. While most companies today use LED lights, some are still behind the trend and use traditional lighting solutions.

When a light bulb simply stops working, you can easily replace it on your own. Still, more often than not, these types of bulbs can explode, leaving the screw cap inside the lamp or chandelier. In these cases, it would be best to leave the extraction and repairs to a professional, regardless of how minor the issue seems, in order to avoid damaging the whole lamp, and even suffering an electric shock in case of a ceiling light fixture.

The key to successful troubleshooting of electrical issues in your office is safety and caution. Be realistic about what you can achieve and tackle on your own and which issues require the knowledge and skill of a professional. When you actually do some of the work on your own, make sure that the electricity is turned off.


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