4 Ways to Promote Your Business in a Trade Show


Business in a Trade Show

Promoting your business in trade shows offers a good opportunity to generate new leads. Trade shows are major events participated in by conglomerates from all over the world. There are several mainstream conventions that you can consider participating in. There are also local ones you can take advantage of. These events are participated in by thousands of participants, who can potentially become your customers. But first you need to get their attention. Here are some ways you can promote your business in these events

  1. Demos

When taking part in trade shows, make sure that you have a working model of your product so you can give a demonstration of how it works. If you are offering service, be ready to show it to visitors of your booth. While you can discuss its features and unique selling points, it is best to show them first hand your product.

Alternatively, you can let customers try out your products themselves. By letting them have a free trial, customers will have an opportunity to experience how to handle your product. When you leave them wanting for more, you have their attention.

2. Games 

Icebreakers can also be a good way of getting the attention of your customers. Conducting games and letting participants win is a good way of pumping up the blood. You can give out some prizes which could be a free product such as styluses or ball pens that your company is offering. The more you make them feel their importance in your booth, the more they will be interested with your company and deepen bonds.

The purpose of your activity is to leave a good first impression upon your booth visitors. By injecting fun and games into your booth, you establish a connection between customers and your brand. That release of dopamine and serotonin and the adrenaline rush could be the start of a deep relationship between you and your customers.

3. Photo Opportunities

When people visit your booth and have fun, it is important to have a record of that. For them, it will also be memorable. Taking photographs can serve as a good reminder of each customer. However, you also have the option to take it one step further. You can share it to your social media networks. Make sure to add hashtags and tag them.

Another possible option is to ask them to upload the pictures on their own pages. If they agree, you are in luck. It’s an instant word of mouth promotion for your business. When their personal connections see your stuff and how their friend had fun in your booth, curiosity sets in. In the future, they can become your leads as well.

4. Live Social Media Updates 

After attending the event and having fun in your booth, people will tweet and post updates about it. What follows will be reactions about how great the event was as well as how nice the people are. This will be accompanied by pictures to add to the hype.

You could do your part and give your online audience a sneak peek not just updates. If they were not able to take part in the event, at least they will have an idea of have some level of expectations on what they can experience in the future when they go to a trade show.

Important Reminders

Before customers leave your booth, make sure that you get their contact details. This is what trade shows are for. The effort you put in to your booth will go for naught if you will not be able to engage customers. While your main goal is to promote your business, you should also collect their details. Not only should you collect business cards, it is important to have your visitors provide their details. You can either write the details down or directly entering then into your database. It is important to have continuous engagement with your potential clients.

When attending trade shows, make sure that you have available collaterals to promote your business effectively. With little planning and strategizing, you can maximize the return of investment to your business.




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