Top Benefits of HIPAA Compliance Software

 HIPAA Compliance Software
HIPAA Compliance Software

With the advancement of technology, every industry is getting advanced with the new technologies. Even, technology is helping healthcare industries to grow in a better way. It is difficult to store the data related to patients and hospitals on paper as the data is so large that it is complex to store it manually on papers and registers. So, it looks quite difficult to organize every data in a smooth way. So, in order to take care of all such scenarios, a legislative law was passed, HIPAA(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). This law is aimed at protecting the rights and confidentiality of the personal health related information.

In order to meet with the requirements of this law, two rules were made by the department of health and human services, HIPAA security rule and HIPAA privacy rule. HIPAA compliance software is a software that is used for securing the confidential and private information of the patient, diminishing the expenditure of an organization and securing all the data of an organization. For e.g., sometimes some people call to the hospital and ask about the condition of their relative or friend, but according to HIPAA law, the hospital never reveals the condition of a patient until the person who has asked tells some identification of a patient such as date of birth or the patient id.

Benefits of using HIPAA compliance software:

  1. Security Assurance: The software designed on the basis of HIPAA law helps to assure the complete security and protection. It helps to secure the details related to the health of patients, procedure of patients, and some secrets and confidential information of the healthcare organization.
  2. Reducing the overhead: This software is helpful in decreasing the overall expenditure of the healthcare organization by providing a better solution that saves money.
  3. Reducing the paperwork and automating information: Using this software, a lot of paperwork is reduced and even it helps to decrease the number of mistakes that can be happened related to data. It is used to protect the whole data of the healthcare organization.
  4. Securing the patient information: As the privacy of patient information is an important aspect, so it helps to protect the information about patient and never reveals the information of patient until and unless patient allows to reveal it.

Looking for a HIPAA compliance software?

If you are looking for a software that follows the HIPAA standards, you can get it at Promisec as Promisec provides various functionalities in a single software. Some of the functionalities that it provides in HIPAA compliance software are as follows:

  1. Finds out the computer where update and anti-virus scan is needed so that no failure occurs.
  2. Detects the USB and other related media devices that contain the information about patient and adding security to it.
  3. Looks for the unauthorized applications and remove it.
  4. Chase the people who want to see the patient information.

So, Promisec offers the best security, whether it is related to the healthcare organization or any other organization. It is renowned for providing the best security system.


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