Prada Sorts Out The Battle Of Genders With Uniformity And Sublimity Blended


The battle of genders has been an everlasting one, and their differences in nature keep bifurcating them over the period. But especially, when the topic steps up on shoes, the chasm between them opens up. Rather, for women, the shoes have become only an obsession for them, and they can never get themselves out of it. While money at times fails to bring happiness, a complete pair of new shoes is capable of producing a kind of exaltation. The added advantage that shoes have found over clothes is because, irrespective of the shape and body size, the women can buy all the shoes that can fill their heart with contentment. It acts as a complimentary object to the dresses and is capable of making them feel sexy, elegant or sporty with just one single stroke.

For almost a long stretch of time, most of the classy women in a society like actresses, socialites, and millionaires, whose prerogative is to identify themselves by the accessories that they adorn, have got an obsession with the luxury shoes in the market. But what was once the preserve of the elite has come down in being a trend for the entire mass. Prada women’s sneakers have been a fashion statement for only those who were considered to be the affluent class. But with the passage of time, the rates of these items have gone down, and people can easily afford it.

The intimate relationship with the shoes starts the very moment one starts walking. One very common trend that has been noted in most of the households is stepping into the elder’s shoes while growing up. And for the women, the high heels have always played a crucial role as it gives a sense of what it feels to be a woman. As adults, shoes represent the women and at any stage, they are the indicators of the age, mood, and desires.

One of the prime reasons for one to favor the Prada shoes is the design and stylizing that they follow- in a nutshell, they have proved themselves to be the epitome of fashion. With a survey in the market, it can be readily determined that more men and women are wearing the Prada shoes than they have ever before. Be it the functionality, durability or style, Prada has overdone with all these categories and have been successfully wrapping it up under their tag. Be it your workstation or playground, the Prada sneakers for women have proved their worth to the users, highlighting the fashion sense in all respective grounds.


Apart from this, the women’s Prada Mary Jane Pump has matched up to any outfit that they wear, and even the users have claimed that it is one single piece that proves themselves functional with any dress. Particularly those who favor the color black can reap the best advantage of it since the color combinations used seem to compliment the particular color perfectly. Even the Prada Open Toe Heel has been the favorites of women who prefer dressing simple.

One of the various legacies that Prada has managed to champion over the years is running the mixed gender trend. According to their designers and pioneer, this combination should work more, based on their realistic approach. Miuccia Prada has never believed in compartmentalizing the two sexes and considers that it is the symbiotic existence of the both that helps the race grow. But in spite of it, she has never forgotten to keep the subtle touches; that would be successful in championing the women as women- who according to her are multi-faceted, brilliantly complex, and contradictory at the same time. So she keeps this blend for a surprise where she can dilute the magic of both the genders correctly.

Prada’s perspective of gender is much different from all the designers that work in the industry, and their approach to the unisex movement of fashion world can never match with her. She has often claimed women to be a mere show off, but that doesn’t restrict her to see the glossiness that is exclusively the feminine aestheticism. She even believes that men do not have the opportunity of dress free, rather they have been set within the norms of the society, constricting their artistic growth.

Above all, the shoes tend to speak the women’s language for sure, and one doesn’t need to be either a moralist or an anthropologist to understand the message conveyed by the pair of Prada sneakers for women or the noisy stilettos. That’s enough to have the first impression strong. By the constant changes that the fashion industry brings upon consistently, there ought to be some variations in the women shoes as well, but still, the stilettos and sneaker have always been the object of apparel.

With a plethora of options, and affordability of products, choosing the best might not be very easy, but those who are brand conscious can easily look for Prada stores nearby.

Author Bio: Alena Brown is a freelance writer with many informative articles to her credit. Her recent blog gives the readers a clear view of how the Prada sneakers represent the 21st-century fashion to the crowd.


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