Information Regarding the Use Of Turbocharger Kits In Vehicles


A car engine is made of several mechanical parts that help in smooth movements of the vehicle. The turbocharger is one of the vital mechanical components of the engine, which is in short termed as turbo. This device runs with the help of energy obtained from a turbine. Thus, turbocharger kits are made of several mechanical parts, each of which has an individual function. There are many turbochargers manufactured by reputed brands, which are preferred for the engines of all automobiles, trains, and aircraft.

turbocharger kits

Few Important Components of Turbocharger Kits

  • Supercharger – This mechanical part helps in improving the performance of a car engine and it is known to be highly durable. It is designed to fit in all types of vehicles and thus, considered a vital part of turbocharger kits. It can also be used in highly powerful engines of speed boats and industrial aircraft. Due to its importance, most of the manufacturers offer a 3-year warranty on this part while the warranty of only 1 year is available for most of the other parts.
  • Diverter valve – This mechanical valve is designed to withstand huge pressure and a billet-aluminium diaphragm is attached to this part. It is resistant to high temperatures and thus, guarantees the best performance of car engines of all reputed models of racing vehicles. Usually, this valve is placed on the inlet and outlet points of hoses in car engines.
  • Turbine – The volume of a turbine and the sizes of its associated wheels depend on the sizes of turbocharger kits installed in car engines. The performance level of a turbine depends on its size and a bigger turbine can spin with high acceleration, under higher pressure and temperature. However, even small turbines spin at high speed, though may not be so efficient while working on higher accelerated condition.
  • Turbocharger – When two turbochargers work simultaneously in parallel positions, it is termed as twin-turbo where one turbo works on high speed and the other one works on lower speed. Twin-scroll turbocharger is also called divided turbocharger, which consists of two exhaust inlets and two nozzles, one very small and a larger one for different types of performances. Some turbochargers use moving vanes that control the flow of air to the turbine, placed at appropriate angles.
  • Compressor – It is another vital part of turbocharger kits, which is responsible for enhancing the amount of air permitted inside through a circle of small holes. It helps the engine to perform smoothly at high speeds, by taking in more air through those holes to keep the engine cooler while operating fast.
  • CHRA – Centre hub rotating assembly (CHRA) is placed between the turbine and the compressor of a turbocharger. This device works with the help of a ball-bearing and a suspended shaft, which rotates speedily with the least friction. This ball-bearing is continuously lubricated with the engine oil, to keep it moving smoothly. Sometimes, an electric actuator may be included as a part of turbocharger kits, which helps the vanes to open or close immediately, faster than the pneumatic controllers.
  • Wastegate – It is used for controlling the outlet of exhaust gas from the turbine and it consists of a hose and a diaphragm. Hence, it is also a part of the emission system of a vehicle.

Different updated technologies are now associated with turbocharger kits for better and more satisfactory performances of modern vehicles.  The intake of more air can be possible with the use of an extra intercooler, which can be placed either on the top of the engine or at a parallel position to it. If more cooling is required, water injection is effective in decreasing the temperature of vehicle engine.


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