Tips to Buying Automotive Lifts


Automotive lifts are essential accessories for any garage. They are useful for lifting vehicles and help technicians perform different car fixes from beneath. However, these devices come in different types and with distinct features. If a car lift is an integral part of your business, it’s vital to choose the best quality, and knowing what to consider when shopping goes a long way.

Here are tips for choosing quality car lifts:

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 1. Research adequately

Information is essential when shopping for auto lifts. First of all, search for reputable automotive lift manufacturers, and learn of the different lifts available. Get enough information about the brand, and search for reviews from previous clients.

Most lifts are manufactured by offshore companies that pay little consideration to worldwide standards and regulations. Therefore, get adequate information about the manufacturer. And find out if other companies or dealers stock the same brand in your state. This way, it will be easy to make more informed choices.

2. Examine the features

 Car lifts come in different types; these include post, hydraulic, scissors, in-ground lifts, and more. All have distinct features, meaning that not all devices will fit your needs. Choosing a device without the desired features won’t serve the purpose, making it critical to examine the features when shopping.

The Best Buy Automotive auto lift should bear the weight of the vehicle being lifted, should be sturdy and durable enough. Also, your safety matters, and the appliance should have the right safety features. These include,

  • Arm restraints for two-post lifts
  • Sway blocks for four-post lifts
  • Runaway ramps& chocks for four-post lifts
  • Hydraulic flow restrictor
  • Automatic safety locks

3. Study your garage

It’s easy to get carried away when shopping for car lifts. This shouldn’t be the case, though! Measure your garage and ensure that you have adequate space for your choice of lift. Although it’s possible to alter your device, this can be costly and should be avoided.

Therefore, talk to a local installer about the minimum space required for the lift. Double check the dimensions for the car lift before purchasing. Again, think of your power outlet and your concrete flooring. Ensure that the concrete can handle the bolts and is secure enough to hold the lift during and after installation.

4. Check for warranty

Like other automotive devices, lifts suffer damages and may require replacement or repairs. Buy the appliance from a company that offers a warranty for its moving parts. A warranty shows that the manufacturing company is willing to take responsibility in case of malfunctions with the device. The warranty period can be for a certain duration or lifetime. Also, ascertain whether the lift has an approval seal, which is guarantees safety and security.

In summary, car lifts are handy appliances in garages. Your lift type is determined by factors like; the type, size, and weight of the vehicle. Go for high-quality devices and choose a reputed manufacturing company. Remember to get a warranty for the purchase; you never know when your appliance will encounter breakdowns. And this may cost you a lot if you lack a warranty.


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