The most important factor when users search app stores is…


When users search app stores how do they decide if they should download your app?

There is so much information out there about what you should be doing to get more downloads for your app.

While some of this information is really useful, much of it is just app developers expressing their options. I’m guilty for writing about this.

What are the most important factors when users search app stores?

What are the most important factors when users search app stores?

Is it…

  • Pricing? — almost
  • Screenshots? — surprisingly not!
  • Number of downloads? — not as important you think.
  • Description? — that long thing?
  • Video? — not even close
  • Free trial? – not on apps!

Yahoo Advertising published a really interesting study recently that gives us the answer.

Turns out it’s app reviews.

important factors when users search app stores

After app reviews came price and then ratings. Interestingly screenshots and videos where right down the list, something I’ve always thought were highly valuable.

Another interesting finding was negative reviews being the primary barrier to preventing app downloads:

Negative reviews prevent downloads when users search app stores

This great diagram gives us a great checklist to remove barriers from users downloading our app when they search app stores.

  • Ensure our apps have really great app reviews and ratings. We have written previously about “10 ways to get more & better reviews for your app“.
  • We should keep our applications as small as possible to make sure they fit onto users phones.
  • Make sure you get your pricing right. My co-founder Claire has shared a bunch of great articles on pricing.
  • If you require specific permissions for your app to run make sure you explain this carefully to the user to remove any anxiety.

Once you have got these factors down then maybe it’s time to look at some other factors, like:

Good luck! Happy downloads and 5 star reviews.



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