The Best Plaster Metal Anchors For Keeping Your Walls Safe And Hang Your Desired Item


Rather than inserting the hooks, screws, or pins directly into the plaster walls, you can use the plaster metal anchor. These are made from different metals like copper, brass, steel, and so on. This is why they are highly durable and can withstand high hammering forces. There are several types of anchors available in the market. Choosing the proper set won’t be an easy task, especially if the plastered wall is new and you don’t want to destroy its smooth and magnific appearance.

  • Look for an appropriate size

The anchors are available in different sizes and shapes for different requirements of the customers. Based on your purpose, you need to look for a plaster metal anchor that will fulfil all your requirements. The wall that is 3 inches thick, you should look for products that are suitable for your wall’s thickness. Simply hang a wall décor or a wind chime, you can go with the smaller anchor. A wrong size will make difficulties for you to insert it into the wall and then any other accessory.

  • Choose the anchoring mechanism

These anchors are inserted and fastened into the plastered walls in different mechanisms. For example, you will have a self-drilling anchor that won’t need any drill bit. Just attach the head of the anchor with your driller’s holder. Once you will switch it on, the anchor will dig up the wall all by itself. The expandable anchor gives a better chance of using this fastener without damaging the wall. After all, at the beginning, the anchors have thin body which will expand once it is pushed into the wall.

plaster metal anchor
  • Durability and sturdiness are important to consider

Since the plaster metal anchors are hardware fasteners, you need to make sure that these tools are durable and sturdy enough to withstand the load to be hanged. If the anchor is not durable, it won’t be able to hold another fastener inserted into it, thereby causing the hanged element to fall straight on the ground. That’s why you should always look for anchors that are durable and can handle the weight.

  • Material used in making them

Durable metals are the best materials that can be used in tools. While buying the plaster metal anchor, you need to consider the material with which it is made. Some anchors are aluminium while some are made from steel. The strength, longevity, and performance of these anchors will depend on the material which is why you have to be very certain. Besides, you also have to check for a material that can withstand the load you want to hang from any fastener inserted into the anchor.

  • Compatibility with other fastening tools

Tools are essential to provide the maximum amount of help in order to solve mechanical problem. The next factor you need to consider is the compatibility of the plaster metal anchor with fastening or small hardware accessories. Some anchors are made for handling the screws or hooks only. There are a few anchors where you can drive larger and bulkier screws, bolts, industry nails, and so on.

Do not buy an anchor unsuitable for the hardware accessories you will be using or else the entire arrangement is going to be a waste. The plaster metal anchor is a great piece of tool which will help you in hanging anything from the wall without damaging the surface. Since these anchors need to be installed only once, you don’t have to dig up the holes every time you have to drive a new nail or a screw. Thus, it is not only an incredible fastener but also helps in keeping the walls plain and smooth.


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