10 tips to build your personal brand on instagram


Instagram has now become one of the leading social media platforms. People are not only using it for entertainment purposes, but they are also using it for marketing. In an era like this, when everyone is using social media, building your personal brand on it would be a wise choice to make. Although, these things aren’t as easy as they look. Following are the ten tips that will help you build your personal brand on Instagram.


1 Make your account rememberable:

Anyone can create a social media account and become popular, but the way to make your account popular is through posting content that people would remember for a longer time. For this, you can use a theme and follow that. This way people would remember your idea and would think about you if they see something related to that. You can post interesting facts and relevant material that would grab your viewers attention.

2  DM your followers:

It’s always better to communicate with your fans as much as you can. The more you engage with them, the more they would be drawn towards you. If they DM you, ALWAYS reply to them to show them that you respect their queries/feedback. Make your followers feel important. You can DM them with your latest deals and invite them to your pages.

3 Make your photos appealing:

If you want people to love your work, post things that would look appealing. For better photos, you should be aware of the applications or software that make your pictures worth looking at. With a touch of editing and rules of photography, you can get an amazing picture!

4 Keep Commenting!

People always engage with you if you initiate a conversation with them. When your followers comment on your post, comment back or at least like their comments to keep them engaged. Also, comment on other popular posts to let people know about you. The more you comment, the more people would be aware of your existence.

5 Describe yourself in your bio:

If you want people to know about you more, you have to tell them. You obviously can’t go and message every single one of your followers about your details, but you can share your details in your bio so everyone can read it. Mention your email address, your website and what your account is about. This way, people would quickly learn about you.

6 Buy Real Followers:

The best way to get quick followers is through buying them online. There are many websites that sell you fake followers, but there is a website Vibbi, that promises to deliver real and engaging followers. Vibbi provides Instagram growth service where you buy Instagram likes and followers, and they deliver through their organic marketing techniques. This way, when you establish a brand, you will have a lot of followers in the beginning, and they would give you a jump start to take your account to the high road.  

7 Tag famous accounts!

Another way to gain popularity is through tagging people with a large number of followers! If you tag them in different things, other people will see your account, and they would want to follow you. This technique is great if you want to get more followers so tag as much people as possible!

8 Hashtags are crucial:

As an Instagram user, we know how important it is to write hashtags. Most people just use this for fun but for a person who is starting a brand online, these hashtags can be very useful. These would help many people know about your account, You can start a hashtag of your own if you want so that people would find you easily.

9 Share personal photos as well:

You can share your own photos or photos of your employees or workers to engage with people. People like to know what is going on behind the scenes and this is a perfect way to show them that. Sharing your photos would engage people and let them know who you are!

10 Post Every day:

The one thing you need to know is that the more you post, the more people would like to stay engaged with you. If your account is dry and you post once a week or one a few days, people would get bored and will probably unfollow you. But the smart thing here would be to post at least 2-3 times every day so that people know that you’re active and you want people to know about your existence.


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