Tips for Renovating a Home for Seniors


We’re quite confident that everyone has watched at least one home renovation program, even if it was accidental or even if it only lasted a few minutes. There really is something special about watching people use their time, effort and resources to transform a home into a home they adore. Does that immediately make us itch to do a fancy makeover ourselves? Or does it give us inspiration to make some small changes here and there, maybe you could do a bit of DIY yourself and create an item so unique and characteristic that it fits right in to your home?

Although we got carried away with home renovations and developments, that’s exactly what we’re going to be looking at, especially for seniors and the elderly. It’s extremely important for any senior, to live comfortably and with ease. We understand with age, there can be a few obstacles in the way that have a negative impact on freedom and independence but there are several things that can be done to overcome such difficulties.

Home Modifications for Aging

Home for Seniors

Renovating a home for seniors not only makes it easier for themselves, but they are able to live more comfortably and have the confidence and independence back without having to rely on others. An estimated 90% of seniors have said that they want to live at home for as long as possible, so making a home accessible is a priority.

Can you think of a few challenges associated with aging? And how much these impact your daily life?

  • Visibility – Sight is important for all of us
  • Wheelchair accessibility – If you have limited mobility and require a wheelchair, you have to consider difficult places to reach and how you’re going to get there
  • Health issues – Arthritis, for example, is common with the elderly. This makes gripping door handles and cabinets harder due to the weakening of the muscles
  • Falling & tripping hazards – Carry out a risk assessment, determine all areas where accidents and injuries could occur and then carry out solutions to prevent them
  • Mobility – This ties in to all of those mentioned above – it’s absolutely crucial that seniors are equipped with mobility aids to enhance their mobility throughout the home and with daily tasks

Easy Renovation Tips to Implement

Home for Seniors

The bathroom;

Grab bars – installing grab bars is beneficial for everyone that will use the bathroom. They provide extra security and they’re relatively easy to install!

Shower seat – A shower seat is ideal for those who are unable to stand for long periods of time. There are various foldable and durable shower seats that can give you the rest and comfort you need when bathing.

Flooring – It’s important to replace any old flooring or tiles and replace it with slip resistant flooring, especially in the bathroom.

Lighting – It’s wise to assess the current lighting throughout the home and install recessed lighting that has the power to illuminate cabinets and areas which need light. Sensor lighting is also a great safety feature for elderly homes.

The bedroom;

Carpets – High pile carpets have the ability to increase the risk of trips and falls. It also makes it more difficult for users to move with ease when it comes to walkers, walking sticks and rollators. Renovate the flooring for a low pile carpet for additional safety.

New bed – Our beds need to be the most comfortable and relaxing things we sleep on for maximum rest. There are various care home beds available that are adjustable and electric to accommodate to your needs. Here are the top 4 hospital beds for seniors and the elderly, to make your decision a little bit easier.

The living room;

Entry accessible – remove steps and obstructions that could be blocking any entrance into the living room.

Recline chairs – recliner chairs are available specifically for the elderly and their needs. This will at least provide much needed comfort and relaxation.

Easy hardware for windows – we all need to open windows to let fresh air in from time to time, however some may prove to be harder than others. There are various cost effective window hardware options to make opening windows much easier and safer.

Hoist – depending on the level of mobility, ceiling and track hoists are available to install in order to transport a user from one place to another safely and securely.

The kitchen;

Lower counters and cabinets – this is a crucial element in the renovation of the kitchen. This room will more than likely experience more changes than others. If a senior is wheelchair bound, they will require the kitchen counters and cabinets to be easily accessible and available to them.

Lever handles – install lever handles or pedal controls for the sink. With these, it makes it easier to operate for all users.


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