Why to Consider Floating Floor Installation? How to Do the Installation?


Nowadays floating floors are very popular because they can be installed anywhere upwards and downwards and also doesn’t needs to be glued to the subfloor but are you willing to install the floor on your own? You may feel a bit intimated since wooden floor installation is not that easy. But, you will be happy to hear that there is special kind of floor which is easy to install. The name of that kind of floor is floating floor. As the name suggests, floating floor tends to float on the top of base floor or substrate and hence no nailing and gluing is required for floating floor installation. The best part is that you may install hardwood floating floor over the existent hardwood floor. You need not remove the base floor or substrate to do the installation.

It is almost impossible to imagine a house being warm without wooden floors. Wooden floor can become the striking feature of your home if you choose proper finishing and texture. Floor can add to the décor element of your house. Floating floor installation is the quickest way to have new kind of floor under the feet. You don’t have to wait for days to complete the installation. Well, it is not about the material of the floor, but the technique of installation is referred as floating installation. In wood flooring installation, there isn’t any need for nails for installation. The planks of wood may be fastened against each other for installation with the use of glue. Simply by snapping and gluing the planks, the floor will be installed.

Floating Floor Stays at Its Place Much Better

Floating Floor Installation

If you are considering floating floor installation, then you will enjoy a lot of benefits. Floating floor stays at its place much better than other kinds of floors. Here the engineered boards are simply glued together or are snapped together. The underlayment creates a sort of friction to control the side movement between underlayment and the boards. Collectively the planks weigh a lot if not the single plank weighs much. Collectively the planks can even weigh hundreds of kilos.

The Benefits of Using Floating Floor

Floating floor is used for a variety of reasons. The following are the major perks associated with it:

  • even if the substrate is not properly leveled, you may set up floating floor without any need for leveling
  • It costs much lesser than solid wood floor
  • you may also install it over the concrete flooring beneath
  • The installation technique is such that the floor material is given enough space to expand or contract when the temperature or air condition changes
  • you may do the installation yourself and there is no need to hire a floor installation expert

Glue less floating floor may be installed by interlocking.

No Need to Wait After Floor Installation

Floating Floor Installation

Glue less floating floor is convenient for homeowners as there isn’t any need to wait for the floors to be ready after installation. Then, glue cleaning is not required. So, you may immediately walk on the floor as soon as it is installed.

Easy to Disassemble

When you want to change the floor and need to disassemble the floating planks, it may be done easily. You may take off the floor and can even shift that to another place. Only for permanent floor adherence, you need to apply the glue.

If you want to avoid a professional for floor installation, just go for floating floor installation. Indeed, it is great boon for Do-It-Yourself floor installers. Choose solid hardwood material if you want to put less effort towards maintenance. The floor will also move along with you when you change your house.


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