The Importance Of Water Pumps In Everyday Lives


Dewatering systems and water pumps are controlling equipment that employs the concept of pumping or evaporation to remove water in a variety of ways. These pumps are generally used in different places like river beds, construction sites, underground metro networks, mine shafts, residential buildings, and tunnels. It is heavily used during the monsoon and situations in which the place is inundated with water. To get rid of unwanted water and remove the clogs, water pumps are put into action.

The Working Of Water Pumps

There are different types of water pumps that are used. But which pump you require for a particular project will be the deciding factor. Almost all the pumps provide almost the same service with a few modifications here and there. They have different capacities, and you need to choose a pump based on its specification.

The working concept behind a water pump is the conversion of rotational energy to kinetic energy. This energy is ultimately turned into energy that is useful in the movement of fluid or fluid flow. This energy is called hydrodynamic energy.

The Various Types Of Pumps In Use

There are many types of water pumps available in the market. The type of pump that you require depends on the purpose of your pump. So here you go with a list of the various types of water pumps:

  • Centrifugal pumps –The rotating impeller allows the fluid to enter and is discharged with a centrifugal force by means of the impeller’s tips. The velocity is thus increased. The pressure of the fluid also increases as a result of it. This pressure directs the fluid to the pump outlet. An example of a centrifugal pump is a submersible pump. 
  • Positive displacement pumps – In this type of pump, the suction side of the pump has an expanding cavity. This is also the point of discharge of the machine. It alternately fills the cavity to displace this fluid. In each cycle, the fluid has a constant volume. Nothing affects this constant volume, not even its pressure or the head of the pump.

The Difference Between The Two Pumps

The application of both water pumps is the same. There are a few minor differences that will help to distinguish between the two. The first difference is in the varying nature of the flow of the fluid. In centrifugal pumps, the flow varies depending on the pressure applied while in the other variety, the flow can be changed irrespective of the pressure.

Another difference in both the water pumps is the amount of viscosity of the fluid. In centrifugal pumps when flow decreases the viscosity increases while in positive displacement pumps the flow increases the viscosity.

How To Select The Best Water Pump?

While buying a water pump there are certain factors that must be considered. When taken into consideration the best pump can be got from the market. You have to take into thought their:

  • The material of the pump is important. It should be manufactured from a material that is weather-proof.
  • The power of the pump is also to be thought about. The horsepower that the pump has along with its flow rate of it.
  • The motor of the pump and its strength are considerable. The fuel that the pump uses should be easily available at the site of usage.
  • The head of the pump is vital. The expulsion rate or the power of the pump in its totality must be checked before the purchase.

Water Pumps And Their Applications

The rainy season brings its share of woes and problems for every human being. It floods and inundates low-lying areas heavily. It is then that the water pumps prove their worth. It is used to pump out water to other places. But these pumps can also be used in a variety of other places. It can be used in construction sites, where unexplained water accumulation is found.

It can be used in buildings, wells, circulation of hot water, to boost other applications, to protect fire systems, and in sump pits. Water pumps can also be used for agricultural purposes to remove excess water. These pumps have their utility in industries, households, and other areas as well.


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