The Best Colour Palettes for Coastal-Inspired Decor


The Coastal decor will always be trendy. It evokes calmness, nostalgia, warmth, and cosiness. You don’t have to be at the beach to be surrounded by elements that remind you of the sea. White and blue walls, vases, pillows, and coastal accessories can make you feel at the ocean shore.

What’s so beautiful about coastal decor is that it is a furnishing trend that anyone can afford. With these tips, provided by qualified painters and decorators, you can totally transform your home by choosing the right colour palettes.


What is Coastal Decor?

The coastal interior is characterised by a large amount of light, furniture with simple shapes, the use of wood to cover the floor, and a large number of exclusive decors – rope ladders, chests, anchors, shells, corals, fish, models of sailboats, old books, and others. The main colours typical for the coastal decor are white, blue, dark blue, and deep blue. It is possible to use azure and turquoise colours. Most often, white is used for walls and ceilings.

Of course, the combination of colours goes hand in hand with choosing the right fabrics and damasks. The sea is a part of nature, and everything natural will interact perfectly in a coastal interior. The choice of linen, pure cotton, light, and soft damasks is preferable to heavy velvet, taffeta, etc.

Coastal-Inspired Colour Palettes

By choosing the perfect coastal colour palette, you can easily create the perfect relaxing ambience in your home. You can gather ideas from magazines, photos, or the Internet to develop an idea in your head about what painting techniques will please you the most. One of the best things about coastal décor is that you can easily create nature colour paint jobs because that’s what it is all about. Here are some great coastal-inspired colour palettes to consider when developing colour ideas for your coastal home décor.

Red and Yellow

Although red and yellow are not the first colours that come to mind when you think of the sea, they should by no means be neglected and can even serve you perfectly as separate accents. They are certainly not one of the most popular in the interior. This is not to say you should avoid them.

If you use them effectively, place them in the right rooms, use the right shades, and red and yellow will be your allies for wonderful coastal decor.

Pink and Green

The strong impact of green is “softened” by the gentle shade of pink. The green colour reminds of nature. It has a refreshing effect, calms the nerves, and leads to overcoming fear. It brings hope and peace.

Pink is the colour of creation, of creative energy. It is the colour of youth and love. You can use this colour combination for the bedroom, living room, or office. It is a great choice for decorating interiors in a coastal style. Only a few wooden and coastal decorative elements are needed to complete the colour combination.

Beige or Warm Brown

It is no coincidence that beige is one of the most popular colours for interior decoration. All painters and decorators will tell you this. It makes the apartment warm, comfortable, and cosy, and the atmosphere is supportive.

The shade is as close as possible to natural colours; therefore, it is perceived by the psyche as something close to nature. Beige and warm brown look especially good in the interior if they are united by a texture, for example, wood.

White and Navy Blue

Navy blue in combination with white is a timeless trend in coastal decor. It leaves an impression of purity, class, style, and elegance. The advantage of the white/blue combination is that you can easily transform your home’s decor. You can add and replace accent colours and even completely change the interior of the home by changing the shade of blue.

Navy Blue and Orange

Navy blue and orange are opposites on the colour palette wheel, making them perfect as a combination for a new paint job. The intense orange represents warmth that balances perfectly the cool depth of navy blue. The fiery orange evokes joy and happiness – just like a magnificent sunset on the beach. But by combining it with the calming navy blue, you’ll create a balanced yet stylish look for your coastal interior.

Grey and Blue

This colour combo should definitely be considered if you’re going for a beach vibe in your home. You will immediately feel a touch of sophistication that will make your home different. Combined with neutral shades such as metallic grey or dove grey, the blue colour can be used to create minimalist interiors – straight for a magazine cover.

Hire Professional Decorators for Help

Hiring painters and decorators to work on your house might be a wise investment. Whether you know what you want, have no initial idea where to start, or just don’t have time to waste, a professional handyman can help you turn your ideas into something beautiful.

He will give you his experience and creativity, creating a calm and welcoming privacy that will bring cosiness and pleasant emotions to your home.

There are a number of reasons to trust professional decorators in this field – you save time and money, create a functional space that fits your lifestyle, and don’t lose unnecessary nerves during the entire process. Providing you with an expert opinion based on their extensive experience will help you see the space around you in a completely different light and discover opportunities and ideas that you have not even thought about.


The coastal interior is characterised by freshness, spaciousness, neutral and sea colours, summer sea motifs, and functionality. The beauty of this style of decoration is that it does not lose its charm at the end of summer.

If you love the melancholy atmosphere of the winter sea, you can set your living room in a coastal style by carefully measuring grey and blue and carefully combining furniture, decorations, and textiles. Thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions in furniture, decor, organising space, combining colours, and achieving symmetry are an integral part of any professional decorator’s job, so definitely consider hiring one.


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