What Are the Benefits of Granny Flat Designs & Prefab Homes?


First and foremost, it is important to know the difference between granny flats and prefab homes. These types of homes are becoming increasingly common all around the world. There are several advantages to granny flats and prefab homes, which will be discussed below. You can decide which home is the right choice for you taking into account the benefits and features of granny flat designs and prefab homes.

What Is a Granny Flat?

Well, a granny flat is a mini apartment which is built on your existing property. You can design the granny flat as an independent house or attaché it with your existing home. It is small in size, and was traditionally used as a space for elderly parents to live in. It gave them the right amount of independence that they needed, while being close enough to the home to be taken care of.

What Is a Prefab Home?

Prefabricated homes refer to homes which come with built-in parts. These homes are customized according to the need of every individual homeowner. The various parts of the home are made in a controlled environment inside a factory. These parts are then brought on site and assembled by a crew. These are also called as granny flat kits and if you want to reduce your damage cost and want to make the granny flat within shortest time then prefab home is the perfect solution for you. The manufacturer will design the different parts of your granny flats at their warehouse and they will shift these parts on your backyard and assemble them to design the granny flat.

The Benefits of Granny Flat Designs and Prefab Homes

  1. Granny Flats
    • They help keep elderly parents close to home once they have aged and need to be taken care of. The location of the granny flat is advantageous as it gives your elderly parents a sense of independence, while at the same time helping they feel comfortable, safe and protected.
    • Granny flats are relatively quick to build and inexpensive, compared to renovating your house or building another house. You can rent out your granny flat to tenants for some extra income.
    • Once you are older, and your needs and requirements are not high, you can move in to your granny flat, giving out your main house for rent. This will allow you to maintain a steady inflow of cash even after retirement.
    • Granny flats increase the resale value of your homes. They are seen as an asset to your property.
  2. Prefab homes
    • Prefab homes are cost effective as well. These homes are built taking into account the choices and preferences of each individual home owner. The homes can be customised, and optimised to be built in an energy efficient manner.
    • Your prefab home manufacturers usually receive discounts on buying bulk materials, which is often reflected in the entire cost of your home.
    • Prefab homes are built in a controlled environment inside a factory. This means that your home will not face the usual issues that traditional homes face during construction- inclement weather, various construction workers working on your home, quality control, etc.
    • Due to the fact that prefab homes are built mostly inside a factory, you can be assured to receive good quality materials selected by you. You will also not be faced with labour issues, as experienced factory staff will be looking over your prefab home at all times.

There are several advantages of granny flat designs and prefab homes which more and more people are becoming aware of. This is why many homeowners are now opting for building their own granny flats and prefab homes.


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