Why A Teardrop Camper Makes Traveling Easy and Interesting


A teardrop camper can help to make your journey much smoother, and if you are the type who looks for a cozy bed in the camp after a whole day’s journey or driving, then this kind of a trailer is just the right choice for you. A teardrop trailer or camper would normally accommodate 2 adults to sleep on a bed, and would have the basic kitchen tools to help you prepare food and beverages as and when needed. And they are popular for not being small but for many other important reasons which can make traveling and camping for days blissful.

Teardrop Camper

What Is a Teardrop Camper?

Tear drop is the shape, which brought the name to this small utility vehicle. It has no motor, hence is not self-driven. You will have to attach it to your motor vehicle and then can tow it anywhere. The tear drop shaped camper-vans are small, compact, and light weight. They are designed to accommodate 2 persons for sleeping on a big bed, and have a kitchen arrangement at the rear of the camper, where you may open the roof like a lid partially to avail the kitchen equipment’s, spread them, and get comfortable for cooking, sitting and camping.

Why Teardrop Campers Are Economic and Easy to Handle

They are really easy for handling because you simply tow the light weight camper to your vehicle of any size, and can get going. Usually weighted less than 1000 lbs, these trailers are compact and don’t require a huge space. With low height and easy for parking, you can drag them with your vehicle without effecting the fuel economy of your vehicle. That is why they are economic for two reasons. One is that they won’t make you consume more fuel, and next, they are themselves low cost for the minimalist simple design and utility.

Can You Customize a Teardrop Camper?

Teardrop Camper

You obviously may have to think of customization if your priorities are different. Some people prefer keeping books with them and others think of appliances and more, wherever they go. Some people think of cooking only, while others think of cycling and hiking. Depending on all those preferences, the rear of the camper which usually contains kitchen tools can be customized. Also, the place underside the bed designed to carry utilities can be customized. Customization of the windows, doors, the way the camper opens, the overall interior design, all can be changed.

Usually 2 persons and sometimes 3 may sleep inside. But if you are the lonely traveler, you may reduce the bed spread and accommodate other items too, or get the trailer size reduced altogether for lighter weight and lower cost.

This way, there are lots of reasons and ways to customize a teardrop camper. You not only customize the interior, but the exterior too. If you have to use this for your company or official job, you may use the exterior to get a logo on it, and use the space for pure branding. You may also use this as a food selling trailer, and get things painted on it for attention etc. This way the exterior and the interior design both can be customized.

Where to Buy One

You can buy a teardrop camper from a camper maker and seller. There are people who specialize in making teardrop campers mainly, and would make you a camper in any custom design. You also may get a ready to buy camper which again comes in several interesting designs for various preferences. Overall traveling and camping for days can get really easy, when you take a teardrop trailer with you. It’s easy to pull, park, and handle them.


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