Perfect tips to use technology to put your real estate marketing on autopilot


Buying and selling real estate is one of the booming industries of this generation. Though there is a certain amount of risk involved, if a meticulous and calculative approach is made, the benefits are there to be reaped. Investors in real estate are always on the lookout for the best deals available whether it be buying new property or selling an old one. Since many people have experienced the profits that can be made out of real estate, it is but natural that as time goes, more and more people are going to take it up as a profession. Like in any cut-throat competition, to stay away from your rivals, you have to portray yourself as a completely reliable investor, so that more deals come to you. Simply speaking, you have to market yourself well so that others are interested in doing business with you.

One thing that this generation has been blessed with is the use of technology in almost spheres of life and using real estate marketing tools for automation of the work is one such amazing use of this. The advantage of using the available technology is that the automation takes care of things and there is an easy autopiloting, and you can spend more time developing and expanding. It is true that it is not a direct replacement for a confident handshake between two persons confirming the business deal, but it makes the process simpler. Therefore, if the helping hand is available, one should make ample use of it. Now, if the question is how exactly does technology help the real estate business to go on autopilot, then read this article to get your answers.

Marketing is everything

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The mantra is very simple here. The more you market, the more visibility you get. If you have great visibility, then your popularity will increase, and it will build the trust between you and your buyers or sellers. Basic marketing strategy is to attend real estate fairs and conferences and distribute your business card to people. You can also come up with lucrative offers which will gather the crowd.

Advertising in newspapers, social media, ad films are age-old methods of marketing, but the more tech-savvy way of promoting yourself is through your website. Therefore, create a site with all your details and which will be reflective of your personality and make sure you use the most commonly used keywords. You have to make sure that you catch the eye of as many people as possible, which will be beneficial for your business.

Selling homes using virtual reality technology.

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When a person even thinks of buying a new real estate property, the first thing it resorts to is the internet. General research has proven that people tend to see the images and videos of the real estate more than any property description, at least in the initial stages. So if you have to catch their attention, you have to make sure that your presentation is top-notch. This is where the use of technology comes in. Instead of going for normal images and videos of the house, use the virtual reality technology.

It takes a 360-degree image of the house, and once it is played through the appropriate platform in a mobile, computer or a VR, a user can virtually move through and examine each part of the room. Thus, it is a virtual real-time experience, especially helpful for people who are planning on taking a property far off. Virtual reality technology is growing day by day, and it is important to be on this bandwagon of evolution.

Finding buyers and sellers on social media

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Social media is not restricted to uploading one’s pictures or communicating with known people only anymore. The spectrum has broadened, advertisements occupying a major portion of it. You could create a Facebook page for your business account and share links of your LinkedIn profile and real estates.

Make sure this account is separate from your one, to maintain the professionalism. You never know, the next buyer or seller may be from social media itself, mainly because almost everybody is on it.

Lead generation funnels

Leads are the most essential part of the game. If you have more leads, you have more potential for business. Using lead generation funnels, you will ease yourself of huge pressure. The system provides prominent capture pages, giveaways and professional emails which will fasten the process of getting your deal on the track.

The follow-up system

It is one thing to come in contact with an interested party or meeting similar-minded people in an exhibition but following up and keeping track of them also becomes equally important. This is what will set you apart from others. You got to identify the people who will be genuinely interested in giving you some good deals.

Segregating potential customers is an organized way of doing business. Automation in this follow-up system like replying to emails of people who have joined your email list. Business Card automation is another method where you can scan the business cards of people and then send your LinkedIn profile on its own. These real estate automation tools are really handy.

Without automation, running the real estate business would be difficult. Technology, in the form of these different forms of automation, has been a boon for this business and will continue to be so for a long time.


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