How to Optimize the Air Conditioning in Car?


The summer season is associated with scorching heat which may cause sweat and other issues. Therefore, it is important to use the Air Conditioning system in an effective manner be it a home or a car. However, the vehicle may consume petrol/diesel when the air conditioner is on, in such case you should use climate control device to save on fuel consumption. People can follow certain tips to ensure that the climate control device is used in an optimized manner.


Pre cooling should not be allowed:

  • Pre cooling the car can have a huge impact on the performance of it. It is vital to switch on the air conditioners when the vehicle is moving as the engine has a better chance to cool the car within the shortest possible time frame.
  • One should not turn on the ac when the car’s engine is off.
  • In case the interior is very hot, you can switch on the fan to blow the air and make sure that the rear window is opened for at least 20 seconds.
  • It is a wonderful step that would go a long way in releasing the humidity in an impeccable manner.
  • Devoid of moisture, you can cool down a hot without any hassles. Opening the front window may not be very effective as it removes heat only from the front end and remains hotfromthe rear of the car.

Low intensity:

  • Do not increase the intensity of the air conditioner as it may cause lots of problems in the long run. Instead, you should set the device to the lowest temperature so that air is dried with the compressed air without any hassles.
  • It is one of the most important steps that would go a long way in optimizing the fuel consumption to a great extent. Make sure that air is cooled to 38 degrees so that the car temperatureis bearablefor the passengers.
  • If you are setting the temperature higher it can result in reheating of the atmosphere, causing problems in the long run to the users.

No Recirculation:

  • Recirculation can have an adverse impact on the engine as the rear of car becomes hot. The frontal portion becomes cool however the temperature of air at the back seat increases a few notches.
  • If the car is equipped with auto start and stop engine, it is vital to stop the ac when the car is not moving. Thiswillhelp to maintain a decent mileage and one can save on fuel costas well.

Cleaning the filter:

Cleaning the filter is essential to optimize the working of ac. More often than not, the dust particles clog the surface of the filter; therefore, it is not possible for the cool air to escape into the atmosphere. If the filter is dirty for a very long time, it is vital to replace the defective component with the new one. Modern cars are equipped with automatic climate control system; therefore the ac would get automatically switched off if the temperaturecools down.

Opening the window:

A quick fix is to open the window partially so that the hot air escapes within the shortest possible time frame. It will help to cool the car at a faster rate and save on fuel consumption while driving.

Repairing task:

  • Periodical maintenance of the ac is essential to increasethe longevity of the device.
  • You can check the compressor to know the difference and if there are issues, visit the authorized service center to get immediate assistance.
  • They have the equipmentand staff to handle the situations without any difficulty.



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