Natural Threats Projected by Car Covers


car cover

Are you worried about your car being damaged by your neighbor’s car or children’s toys? Those are common threats to cars and trucks but car covers can also protect your vehicle from various types of natural threats. They include the following ones:

1. Dust/Dirt/Pollen

This might be surprising. Doesn’t dirt just make your car/truck dirty? A problem is that these items are abrasives so they can cause scratches on your car’s finish. That can require expensive paint jobs including entire paint jobs. The costs can be very high so it’s better to avoid the scratches from happening in the first place. You can do that by using a quality car cover.

2. Bird Droppings

Birds themselves can be quite lovely creatures whether they’re seagulls, parrots, and other species. However, one of the issues you might have to deal with if you own a vehicle is bird droppings. It’s a major problem if your vehicle isn’t stored in a garage, for example. It might seem like an issue of just cleaning up the droppings off your car. However, it’s important to keep in mind that they contain a lot of chemicals and they could eat away at your vehicle’s paint. So this is another natural threat to your vehicle that you can deal with effectively by selecting a quality cover for your car/truck.

car cover

3. Trees

This might be surprising since humans get so many helpful things from trees like oxygen, cover, wood, syrup, etc. However, a problem is that there are several possible things in trees that can cause a lot of problems for your vehicle’s exterior. They include a wide range of things like leaves, pollen, dropping, hairballs, acorns, etc.

Since the tree is the main threat it might seem like you just have to move your vehicle. However, sometimes it’s not a practical option due to factors such as the location of your parking area and tree. It might be impractical to remove the tree since it can still provide many key natural resources for people.

So one of the best options is to use a car cover. It’s an easy solution so it’s just a matter of picking a quality cover. This will help to protect your car/truck from the various threats of trees. It will help to give you peace of mind that your vehicle is protected from the tree throughout the year.

4. Wind

This might be surprising. How can something that’s invisible affect your car’s exterior? It’s not really about the wind itself but instead all the stuff it can blow around like twigs, sand, trash, etc. It’s these items that can do damage to the exterior of your vehicle. In fact, you might be surprised that even light winds can cause scratches to the outside of your car/truck.

The Wind is important in our day-to-day lives. For example, it can be quite refreshing in the summertime when there’s hot and humid weather in the area. Unfortunately, it can sometimes cause negative results like debris that can scratch your vehicle. The best way to deal with it is to pick a quality car cover that will help to protect the exterior of your vehicle.

5. Rain

This is another natural resource that provides many benefits to humans. In fact, life on Earth couldn’t exist without it. However, when it rains it can cause residue on your car/truck. That’s due to various factors including the acidity of the rain based on your region’s air pollution.

It should be noted that the resident left by rain isn’t as serious as other factors that could cause your vehicle to get scratched or dented. However, it’s still a factor to consider so if your vehicle isn’t under a covering like a garage you should definitely consider using a car cover. It will help to keep the residue off your vehicle.

6. Sand

If you live in a desert area then this is a major threat because there’s a ton of sand in the area. Even a light wind can cause sand to whirl around and possible scratch your vehicle’s exterior. Sand is an abrasive so not only can it land on your vehicle but also has the potential to cause scratches. A good solution is a car cover.



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