Why You Should Live in Washington, DC


Washington Dc is internationally known as the United States’ capital, and yet many people forget that it’s so much more besides that.  Beautiful weather and surroundings, deep and fascinating history, and vibrant residents make this a place that anyone would be lucky to move to.  Here are the top reasons people move to DC and what it can do to make you want to stay.

Washington, DC

The Pay Is Higher

Although the cost of living is higher than most of the country, you’re in the clear if you consider that the pay is far higher as well.  Households in the DC area have an average income of over $85,000, which is twenty thousand more elevated than the national average of $61,000.  This high pay allows the people in the area to spend time getting to enjoy each other’s company instead of dealing with trying to work several jobs at once.

Schools Are Better

Because politicians want to do what’s best for their kids and the higher income levels of the area, most Washington DC schools are of a higher caliber.  You have your choice of learning styles to pick from, even as early as preschool, and endless possibilities for early networking in life to help them get jobs later on.  It might sound weird to call parents meeting each other while picking their kids up from school networking. Still, you can easily brush elbows with many influential people in this city: if you’re trying to climb the political ladder, this contact is essential.

Washington, DC

The History Is Everywhere

You can’t drive down a street without seeing a plaque or a marker for something or someone important.  There are endless beautiful memorials, museums, and other displays that show you where and when you are.  Even if you don’t care much about history before you move here, being in the city will give you the chance to connect with the past that put you where you are.  Although not all of the country’s history is beautiful, getting to see how far we’ve come is.

Endless Things to Do

You’ll never be bored in DC.  Whether you love museums and want to know about our country’s history or the science that’s pushing it forward: or you want to cut loose and party and enjoy roller derbies or laser tag: there’s something for everyone.  Unfortunately, the closest beaches are a couple of hours away, but even a road trip to some sand can be fun if you’re doing it with the right people.  There’s a reason why so many people who visit the city start looking for Washington, DC houses for sale.  

Perfect Weather

Although DC is in the South, that doesn’t mean it’s unbearably hot.  Thick and muggy summers are a guarantee, but so are mild and easy winters.  You’ll get to see the change of seasons in the leaves and crispness of the air without having to worry about driving through snow in some of the heaviest traffic in the country.


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