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A lot of debate has centered about the pros and cons of an air purifier, which brings us to the question of whether it is a good idea to have one? To cleanse the air in your home, room air purifier India has relied extensively on marketing gimmicks to be part of your household set up. Air purifiers are also termed as air filters. But one thing all of us agree is that advertisements can be misleading. You need to understand whether air purifiers really stand to the claims they promise, and for this, you need to have an idea about the positives and negatives associated with it.

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Ever since their foray, air purifiers have been a profit-centric business. A few years, the market penetration was estimated to be 15% which is a remarkable success story of the household appliance within a short span of time and a product that was restricted to the elite strata of society. This industry is a multi-dollar industry, and when you are on the lookout for best air purifier in India, you realize that the marketing campaigns of the top brands have been successful. On a certain level, air purifiers in the market deliver on what they promise. But you need to consider that they tend to pinch your pockets at the same time.

Facts associated with Air purifiers:

  • ¬†Any containment of air is measured in microns. To stick to the promise, an air purifier needs to remove 0.3 microns that assure a whopping 99 % success. Air contaminants are larger in terms of percentage and here there are benefits for people who are affected by the same.
  • Air purifiers require a lot of horsepower to operate and need to be installed for it to be effective. The installation costs will be on the higher side along with the monthly electricity bills. One may be left wondering what the real benefits of air purifiers are. But on the positive side, small purifiers are present into the market that can be plugged into an outlet and to a large extent removes harmful particles from the air. Positive results were also shown with air purifiers that were made to sit on table tops. To a large extent, they were successful in removing cigarette smoke from the air. On the flip side, the results of the test were successful when the doors and windows in the room were closed.

Air purifiers are successful in removing the contaminated particles present in the air, but to be efficient, they need to be installed properly. The general notion among people is that if there is an air purifier in the room, it ought to be clean. To run successfully, the air purifier should really fit into the room. Say, for example, a small purifier in a large room will be ineffective, and the same case is of a large purifier in a small room. The best solution would be to install a room purifier in the room where you are spending the maximum amount of time.


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