How To Choose The Perfect Hot Water System?


This guide will help you to select the perfect Hot Water System suitable for you as per your needs. The general things that you might need to jot down first are:

  • Space available for setting up the hot water system
  • Usage of hot water
  • Energy sources available in your locality
  • Budget for installation
  • Number of members in your family

Now, let’s evaluate the primary task of a Hot Water System, i.e., to implement reliable hot water using various heating methods. Based on these heating methods, there are different kinds of hot water systems available for you to purchase. They all endeavor the same functionality, to give out the boiling water, but are a bit different.

Water heaters are devices that heat water for use in homes. There are a few different types of water heaters, including gas and electric. Gas water heaters heat water with natural gas, which is delivered through a pipe and burned to produce heat. Electric water heaters are powered by electricity, which is supplied through a power cord. Water heaters are typically located in a basement or garage. They are a major appliance that heats water for the entire home.

Types Of Hot Water Systems, There Are Two Basic Types Of Hot Water System:

Hot Water System
  • Instantaneous or Continuous Flow Systems: They heat the water instantly as it is when it’s required. The flow rate matters the most in this type of system. This type of water system includes water heaters such as:
  • Tankless Coil and Indirect Water Heaters
  • Tankless or demand-type Water Heaters


  • Cheaper to run
  •  More Energy Efficient
  • Occupy lesser space


  • High Installation Charges: They are costly to install than storage tank systems.
  • One Purpose At A Time: You can’t do more than one chore at a time with the hot water using an instantaneous water system.
  • Storage Tank Systems: 

This type of Hot Water Systems uses storage units to store the heated water to be used throughout the day.

This Type Of Hot Water System Includes Water Heaters Such As:

Hot Water System

      Conventional Storage Water Heaters

      Solar Water Heaters


  • Less installation charges
  •  Less maintenance and repair charges


  • Not energy efficient: The heated water may cool down in the storage unit if not used within a suitable time. It means more energy is required to re-heat that non-utilized water. This also means more electricity bills.
  •  More space requirement: Not suitable for homes with small space. It requires more space for its counterparts and storage unit.
  • Short service span: Storage units need to be replaced more often.

After having an awareness of which hot water system to opt for, there are some of the critical factors to look out in them while choosing a hot water system.

Factors to Consider

The factors while choosing a hot water system include energy costs, size and area or space available for set up, and fuel type.

  • Energy costs: To save your electricity bills, you need to know the energy efficiency of the hot water system that you’re opting for. This will help you in cost savings and choosing an energy-efficient hot water system.
  • Size and Space Available for Set-Up: As discussed above, the storage hot water systems take up more space than the instantaneous ones. So, the space available for setting up these systems should be kept in mind. Likewise, if you plan on installing a solar hot water system, you should have north-facing roofs.
  • Fuel Type: Based on energy sources available in your locality, the fuel type of the hot water system may be considered. The comparison of fuel costs can be made according to the type of hot water system one of the traditional way of producing hot water. It will also affect energy efficiency and hence, the annual operational cost of the hot water system. The options for fuel type to choose from include:
  • Electricity
  • Fuel Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Solar Energy


The aspects mentioned above will surely help you in choosing the perfect hot water system. All the factors should be considered wisely, and you can have a hot water system with all your absolute needs.


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