Good Fencing Makes Good School for Good Students


School is a place where one absorbs many things like discipline, manners, sharing and above all it helps one become a better human being. Since school plays a very important role in an individual’s development, it is important that the schools are properly fenced. we will look at the significance of having school fencing.

Importance of school fencing


This is the foremost reason for fencing schools. The three categories of people who will find school fencing as safe are – a) Parents, b) Students and c) the staff and management.

a)  Parents: For a parent it gives them peace of mind knowing that their children are in safe and secure environment when they are at school. It will make them more confident and carefree that their children are in safe hands and are being molded in the right track.

b) Students: Students spend most of their time at school and so it becomes very important that the school is safeguarded by proper fencing so that students will feel safe knowing that their environs are secure. This will also help students to concentrate on their studies and increase their knowledge.

c)  Staff and Management: The staff and management of the school also will be able to focus more on their job of teaching and ensuring proper functioning of the school. When there is fencing around the school they will not have to worry about the safety and security of the surroundings.

School Fencing

Protection from Crime and Abduction

Schools are considered as a soft target for crime and abduction. This is another big concern because children are innocent, and they tend to believe any stranger who is within the school premises and assures them things that sound true, like giving them a ride to their home or that they are a friend of their parent and have to come to pick them up. Once these strangers gain the confidence of the child then they take advantage of such situation and abduct little children from schools. Such incidents can be the worst thing that can ever happen to a parent. Hence fencing and having guards around the premises is very important.

Runaway students

School fencing also helps in preventing students from running away during school hours. At times students run away due to the increased stress levels at school which can be because of grades or even a bully at school. Sometimes they skip school in order to have fun without the knowledge of their parents. Such things can be avoided by having school fencing.

Helps in Enhanced Supervision

Schools are a place where parents, students and the people in the staff and management come and go. There is a continuous movement of traffic, so when there is proper fencing around the school property it helps in supervision. This is because the entry and exit points are at fixed locations and so it becomes easy for the guards to keep a track on who enters and leaves the premises.

Better Aesthetic

Fencing helps in improving the aesthetic quality of the school. Overall beauty of the property comes alive with the best-looking design of fencing. The better the quality of fencing the better is its feeling for a parent that will make them confident that their child is in a secure and safe place.

To conclude, there are a vast variety of fences that a school can choose from which they can make the premises look remarkable. However, it is important to remember that a good student springs out from a good school and a good school ensures that its premises are always safe and secure.


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