Get a Perfect Rugby Jerseys for Your Kids with This Tips


Rugby jerseys are dependent on the type of game. These jerseys usually come with a large “V” around the area of the neck. Players in the rugby union wear Jerseys with a traditional design, rarely completely white. The player’s last name and the number of the player are labeled on the top portion of the jersey (the name is often placed over the number in a central position and the number is larger, compared to the name) and on the upper chest area, the logo of the team is placed.

Rugby Jerseys

Some of the factors that need to be looked into while buying a jersey are listed below:

  • Collar in rugby jerseys

Some rugby jerseys come with a collar called the athletic collar, which actually means that there is no collar in the jersey. The top of the shirt rests flat against the individual’s neck and shoulders, which in turn offers more maneuverability to the rugby player. This is probably the right choice for playing rugby, as a full collar (as seen in other styles of jerseys) can prove to be a hindrance while playing on the field. However, a full collar jersey enhances the look and personality of the individual wearing the jersey by making him look more sophisticated. A collar makes the jersey look more formal, and is usually seen very less on the field, so it is very important to understand the difference between an athletic collar and a full collar before purchasing a rugby jersey.

  • Material

The game of rugby is high on physical agility. The players need to jump, run, and kick the ball. To do this, the jerseys need to be very comfortable. Typically, a rugby jersey is made of cotton, polyester, or a poly-cotton mix (a blend of polyester and cotton). Since cotton is thicker than polyester, it keeps the player warm when he is out in the night. However, cotton works up a sweat on the field, which in turn makes it uncomfortable for the individual wearing it. Polyester is usually lighter and lets out the body heat out. Hence, polyester is better for playing on the field when compared to cotton. For occasional rugby and casual wear, a poly-cotton blend is a good choice. This material combines the warmth of cotton and lightness of polyester to give an efficient jersey experience.

  • Sublimated

Sublimated is a special process of dyeing a fabric. This process is probably the best choice for a rugby jersey if it requires colors and stripes on it. Sublimated colors hold multiple advantages over dyed colors; they don’t crack, fade, and last longer on jerseys compared to dyed colors. Considering all these factors, jerseys that are dyed using sublimated colors are considered to be a better investment compared to naturally dyed jerseys.

  • Customized

The rules of rugby state that it is mandatory for all the players to wear uniforms. These uniforms offer a sense of team pride and team spirit. Wearing uniforms is based on the old proverb, “united we stand and divided we fall ”. A comprehensive range of designs and specifications are available in rugby jerseys. Since every team desires to have an impressive look, it needs fully customized rugby jerseys. These customized features provide a unique personality to the players and the teams.

Kids in Rugby Jerseys

Practice rugby jerseys

A typical rugby professional purchases 2 practice jerseys keeping the cleanliness and laundry cycles in mind.

Other Styles on rugby jerseys

  • Rubberized buttons – These buttons usually don’t pop off or cannot be pulled off by an opposing player
  • Stripes – This style is usually used to differentiate between teams and helps in showing off the team’s pride.


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