Drinking and Driving With Kids: Why This Is A Huge No


Drinking and Driving With Kids

Did you know that drinking and driving can get you apprehended and charged with DUI?Driving under the influence  is considered as a criminal offense in which mental and physical faculties are impeded by the alcohol, that’s why you’re susceptible to a road accident. However, when you drive under the influence with a kid younger than 16 years old, the situation can be worse than you expect. To better understand why drinking and driving with kids is a huge no, below are the things you have to consider:

1. Enhanced Fines and Penalties: It has been noted that drunk diving with kids can have more serious consequences and one of them is the likelihood of payment of enhanced fees and penalties.

● In these types of situations, it’s best if you get yourself updated on somestate laws relating to DUI for the specifics.

●  However, in general, drinking and driving with the presence of a minor can increase your fines and penalties. As a result, it would possibly cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

● Take note that you have to pay these extremely high fines and penalties. Otherwise, you’ll be exposed to more severe situations.

2. Increased Jail Time: Getting arrested and being put in prison is one of the more extreme punishments you’d have to deal with when you’re caught driving under the influence.

●  Keep in mind that being incarcerated for a more extended period can be genuinely devastating, especially when jail time is lengthened when your DUI offense is with kids.

● In most cases, jail time may vary depending on where you reside.  Considering that these state laws differ from one another, take note that conviction of DUI with kids requires an increased incarcerated time.

●  In effect, you’ll be required to spend a longer period in jail to serve your sentence. For that reason alone, your prison time can have a negative impact on your life and to your family’s life.

3. DUI as Felony: DUI as an offense can be classified as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on your state laws. However, the presence of a child while drinking and driving makes the offense as a felony.

● In DUI cases, you have to remember that you can be convicted of felony DUI when there’s a child in the vehicle.

● Bear in mind that DUI as a felony is understood as an offense whereby you’ve committed a seriously dangerous crime.

●While DUI as a felony may have a similar set of penalties for misdemeanors, the versions are more complicated and harsher for the former. Aside from higher fines and extended prison time, take note that felony DUI verdicts may have the following consequences:

  • You’ll be required to attend alcohol counseling sessions.
  • You’ll need an ignition interlock device for your vehicle.
  • You’ll have your license suspended or revoked.
  • You’ll lose child custody rights and parenting rights.
  • You’ll lose other driving privileges which can never be restored.
  • You’ll lose your voting privileges and rights.
  • You’ll now have a criminal record which makes it hard for you to get a job or occupy a property.
  • You’ll pay high car insurance rates.
  • You’re unable to buy a firearm in any state.

●    As you can see, drinking and driving with kids as an offense is somehow different from that of a misdemeanor. It doesn’t only impact your driving rights, but it also distresses the rest of your life.

4.  Child Endangerment Charges: Because of the severity of the offense, drinking and driving with kids may result in a charge of child endangerment.

● Remember that child endangerment can happen if you’re caught driving under the influence with the presence of a child in your vehicle. However, take note of the respective state laws regarding the age requirements to determine who is considered a child.

● In most states,child endangerment laws are in place to deter individuals who may harm the well-being of children. This set of laws are designed to protect children’s rights against individuals who are guilty of child neglect. Child neglect, for instance, may happen when you’re placing a child’s health or welfare at risk such as driving under the influence.

●  In some child endangerment laws, DUI convictions may have a significant adverse effect on your family’s life. One is that you’ll be facing the possibility that your child may be taken away from you as a result of drinking and driving or the least is that you’ll be required to go through an investigation about your family life.

We’re optimistic that the information mentioned above give you some ideas as to why drinking and driving with kids is a huge no under the law. However, if you’ve been arrested for DUI with your children, it’s encouraged that you consult an experienced DUI or car accident attorney who has the knowledge and skills in handling DUI cases similar to yours.

Disclaimer: This article contains information which serves only as a general guideline as to the legal aspect of drinking and driving with kids. The said information should not be considered as specific legal advice regarding the subject matter. If you want to learn more about the legal nature of DUI cases, feel free to talk to a professional lawyer who can legally help you in your situation.

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