How to Choose Comfortable Work Boots


Work boots are essential if you work with heavy equipment or in the industrial sector. Work boots are meant to be strong, sturdy, and durable, but most of the time, buyers don’t pay attention to the boot’s inside.

Work boots are designed for safety in the workplace and are an integral part of Workwear. But if your work boot doesn’t offer proper support, you are going tire your feet and even hurt them. Buying work boots for men and women, is a tricky job as there are so many models in the market. You need to buy the right footwear so that you are comfortable at work.

Before you buy a new pair of work boots, here are a few things to consider:

Work Boots

The Fit

The most crucial factor to consider for while buying work boots is the fit, the fit of the boot is vital for foot comfort. Take time to try the shoes, try various sizes, you won’t get a good fit if you rush.

Boots that are too small can crowd your feet and boots that are too big will cause blisters and hot spots. Both small and large boot can be uncomfortable, you must choose the right size so that your feet are happy.

When you go for boot shopping, wear the socks that you will wear on the job.

Check the Features

There is so many kinds of work boots, consider the features of the work boot to select the boots that fit your need.

1)    Boot height: Taller boots are perfect for linesmen and those who work in woods, but they are heavy. While short boots are suitable for all round use and are cool and light.

2)    Weight: In the past, it was believed that the heavy boots provided better support, but now, a light weight boot made with high-quality material and good arch support give excellent comfort.

3)    Water Resistance: These boots are great if you have to work in water for all day long but remember, the waterproof boots lock in the moisture, making you feel hotter.

Choose the Right Socks

People usually don’t think about socks in the first place, but socks play a vital role in moisture management. Dry feet reduces the growth of bacteria and prevents smelly feet.

Cotton socks: Cotton absorbs the moisture and holds the moisture on your feet due to which your feet become wet and feels horrible.

Polyester: This fibre does not absorb the moisture; this type of socks offers more cushioning than cotton socks.

Bamboo Work Socks: This is the best. Bamboo fiber is naturally anti-bacterial and breathable. Bamboo Work Socks can eliminate rubbing, chafing, and discomfort as organic bamboo is a soft material.

Rotate and Maintain Your Work Boots


Most people buy a single pair of boots and wear them till they are worn out. Buy two pair of work boots, and use it alternately, this allows your work boot to dry completely between uses. Your boots will last longer if you rotate them.

After a long tiring day doesn’t pack your boots as soon as you get home. Allow them to air dry properly. Remove the mud and other dirt from your boot, not cleaning it will dry out the leather.

About the author

Christian Taylor, is a fashion stylist and because of his passion for fashion, he also serves as a communication assistant at BAD Workwear –leading workwear manufactures in Australia.


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