Car Seat Modifications – How to Do It?


As most of us spend a great deal of time in our cars, commuting, doing daily chores, chauffeuring kids around or heading out for adventure sports on weekends. Now, while in the car much of the time spent being physically uncomfortable especially if the car was manufactured in the last decade. There is a downward spiral of bad posture and design that reflects poor posture which further worsens the posture to an extreme extent. Now, what could we do to break the cycle?

Car seat modification

For a healthy posture, you must take care of these. Shoulders: back and down, Neck: elongated and stacked over the spine, Bottom: well back in the seat and Spine: elongated. Modern car seats for sale make this simple body posture practices little challenging sometimes. And, the good news is that it is easy to make car seat modifications which are conducive to good posture.

Shoulder Positioning

You may easily find that bolsters in your car seat can get in the way of putting off your shoulders back. The origin of bolsters lies in the racing car industry where bolsters keep racing car drivers in their seats as they whizz around corners at high speeds. For those not compelled to turn corners at 100 mph, the bolsters are an irritation that makes it nearly impossible to set the shoulders in a healthy setting. The solution is to build up the backrest area between the bolsters so that your torso no longer sunk between the bolsters with your shoulders forced forward. Depending upon how much your car’s bolsters protrude, a towel folded over a couple of times may be sufficient or you may need much thicker support.

Neck Support

Have you ever noticed that various car headrests push your head forward uncomfortably? With the passage of time, the degree seems to get worse. Headrests have a new official name known as head restraint. They are shaped to stick far enough out that the headrests against the headrest and would not have the space in which to whip backward in the state of a collision. The standard that ascertains the extent to which the head restraint juts forward is the crash test dummy which was modeled on an individual with typical forward head posture and there lies the rub.

The solution is pretty much similar to the solution for bolsters; however, the extent of how much you build up the central portion of the backrest would highly rely on how much the head restraint juts forward. Do not turn the headrest around 180 degrees or sit forward in your seat in case an accident happens. This would definitely put you at risk of severe harm from whiplash.

Spine Support

Does your car have the lumbar support? Well, this is completely based on the conventional wisdom about an S-shaped spine being healthy and normal. The solution is you need thoracic support which you can stretch your back against. The technique is to use a stretch sit cushion suspended behind your mid-back.

Car seat modification


So, if you are planning to buy a car first examine the car seat properly and no matter how good it is, set yourself up with good posture. There is no substitute for knowing what to do in your own body. Stretch sitting is amongst the easiest Gokhale method techniques which are well suited to driving. So, lengthen your spine against support at the level of your mid-back, roll your shoulders back and lengthen your neck against the headrest and there you go to enjoy the most unforgettable car ride of your life.


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