7 Tips On How To Maintain Your Home


House is not just a building but a place of emotions where we have spent quality time with our family. A house saves us from natural threats as well as provides us with economic standing in society. With time, our house demands proper maintenance so we can keep enjoying our authority, power, and status in society.

Home inspection plays a pivotal role in maintaining the house. It is advised by architects, Civil Engineers, general contractors, and subcontractors to conduct home inspections monthly to control expenses. Whenever you feel that your house requires remodeling or renovation work, it is suggested to hire a highly qualified general contractor/project engineer. These qualified project engineers /general contractors can spearhead your project from conception to completion within a given time and budget. If you are hiring a general contractor do check his License/certificate along with his previous project history.

To ensure your house’s safety, you must assure that the house fixtures, structures, and fittings are in the right condition. If you conduct home maintenance activity regularly it will reduce your house maintenance cost, increase house life, and improve market house value.

In this article, we will specifically talk about house maintenance tips that are necessary to maintain your home.

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1.  Roof Repairing:-

According to the survey, the average life of a roof is 20 years. It is suggested by professionals to conduct roof inspection on time so any accident may not occur. A water leak is a major reason for roof repair. Due to excessive rain, the pipes broke down which carries roof leakages. This water leakage caused major damage to the roofs. It is advised by professionals to keep roofs dry which will increase roof lifetime. There are many questions asked by people regarding roof repairings. Some of them are as follows:–

  • What is the best way to repair a roof?
  • Which roof leakage is serious?

Best way to repair a roof:-

Asphalt Shingles are considered a popular and highly used roof. It is light in weight, more durable, attractive in shape, and price friendly. Asphalt Shingles carry curled shingles which are easy to mend. Many professionals are advised to coat asphalt roofing cement whenever water leakage is found on the roof. Coating of roofing cement must be done generously underside to secure the edges and corners of the roof.

Serious Roof Leakage:-

The damage caused by water is the most significant roof leakage. Irregular installation, wind /storm damage, & improper maintenance are the main reasons for roof leakages.

2. Roof Replacement:-

The roof is the most significant part of your house exterior. It carries several benefits, including pests protection, better curb appeal, and strong maintenance of home insulation. To enjoy these facilities, the homeowner must ensure that its roof is in its best state. The maximum lifespan of a roof is 15 to 20 years and if you think that your roof has completed its life you must replace it. Roof replacement on time will minimize expensive repairs including water damage or pests damage. During research conducted by our team, we have come up with various questions regarding roof replacement asked by several clients, general contractors, and students.

  • What are the reasons for a new roof?
  • What Type of Roofing Materials Last the Longest?

Reasons for a new roof:-

After conducting extensive research we have come up with the following reasons to have a new roof in the home. These reasons include storm damage and increasing the resale value of the home.

The most common reason for roof replacement is storm damage. Due to intense speed, tree branches are broken down and fall onto the roof, causing major house roof damage. The other reason for the new roof is the removal of shingles and granules due to intense rain, hail, and storm. Finally, if a house owner is planning to sell his house within a few years then the best way to enhance resale value is roof replacement. The new roofing will show the buyer that they will not require any roof maintenance for the next 15 to 20 years which will increase the sale price of the house.

Long-Lasting Roofing Materials Type:-

Slate, clay, and concrete tiles are the most long-lasting roofing materials. These roofing materials are good in quality as well as high in price. Due to high prices, many house owners don’t afford these tiles, so it is advised by the experts to use asphalt shingles as it is durable, inexpensive, and easy to install.

3. Drain Inspection:-

With the time living in a house, you will find cracks as well as face several plumbing issues. It is advised by the architects and civil engineers to have a proper drainage system to minimize structure /foundation damage. The most obvious reason for wall cracks is an improper flow of roof water. This improper flow of water escalates moisture problems that lead to mold growth and condensation. This mold and condensation will damage the foundation of the house structure. If you want to deal with this problem, it is suggested by the professionals to inspect your house drainage system by certified engineers /firms. These certified firms have highly skilled professionals with modern techniques and technologies to identify the problem. These professionals also give you the best possible solution to deal with these kinds of problems. If the inspection is not done by a licensed, certified, or firm they can make the situation worse and will waste your money and time.

A surface water drainage system is designed to protect your home by diverting rainwater and surface runoff away from your property. Look at your property and identify any low spots where water tends to collect. These areas are likely at higher risk of flooding, and you may need to consider installing drainage systems.

4. Driveways Maintenance:-

The driveway is considered the least focused area of the house in terms of maintenance. If the driveway is not properly maintained it will cause intense damage to the structure’s foundation. General contractors and civil engineers advise building driveways with quality products. But if they are not made of good quality products you will find cracks and holes on the path over time. These cracks and potholes will damage tires /tire alignment and will reduce house market value. Driveways are mostly made of concrete and asphalt. If we lack our interest in maintaining driveways, path holes /cracks will saturate water and damage the foundation of a structure.

Concrete is the most usable material to make a driveway. Many homeowners use concrete materials to build driveways as they are durable, reliable, and carry less maintenance cost. To preserve driveways, professionals advise applying sealer on driveways after every 2 years. The main reason for sealer removal is the amount of vehicle passing /weight and weather. Driveways are mostly open to the weather. When rain falls sealers get removed from the driveway. Another reason for sealer removal is the passing of heavy vehicles which will remove the sealer due to weight pressure on tires.

5. Bathroom Maintenance:-

In the above discussion, we discussed how water damages our house building. One of the reasons for water damage is bathroom leakage. It is difficult to identify water leakage from the naked eye due to the transparent color of the water. Due to its transparent color, water leakage in the bathroom gets ignored and causes damage to the walls, ceiling, floors, and cabinets. If water leakage remains undetected it will affect more rooms and will increase the repairing cost.

When there is continuous dripping of water in the bathroom floors /walls will leave stain marks on floors /walls which will not give an appealing visual to the eyes. Mold growth is also a factor in bathroom leakage. As above, we have already discussed how mold growth damages the house.

We highly recommend you have an eye on your water bills. If you find any oddity in your water bills check your bathroom faucets and walls for the water leakage. If you find it, don’t delay repairing it.

6. Ceiling Maintenance:-

The ceiling is one of the most important parts of a house interior. A ceiling helps utilize the upper blank space of a room for several reasons. Most architects recommend ceilings in the rooms for both residential and commercial buildings. In summers, the ceiling helps reduce the heat if it is properly ventilated. The space of the ceiling can be utilized in various ways as it helps install speakers, lights, fire detectors, and automatic water sprinkles. Ceil cleaning is not a time-consuming task. You can easily remove dust, dirt, bugs, and cobweb through dusting but mold removal, repairs, and painting need attention. If you are planning to buy an old house with a ceiling in rooms for more than 10 years. It is our suggestion to renovate it otherwise later on it will disturb your living.

The ceiling must be clean on time because with time the ceiling will carry bugs, dust, dirt, and cobwebs in space which would be hygienic. So, clean your ceiling with a damp cloth otherwise you can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean dust, dirt, and cobweb. Water leakage is very damaging to the ceiling. So, while cleaning your ceiling closely check it, and if you find any spot of water leakage call your renovator instantly.

Painting the room ceiling is also important for the longevity of the ceiling life. If your ceiling paint is damaged for some reason you can hire any skilled person to repaint it.

Repairing ceiling cracks is important for several reasons. Firstly, ceiling cracks can be a sign of underlying structural issues or movement within the building. Ignoring these cracks may lead to further damage, compromising the integrity of the ceiling and potentially posing a safety risk. Repairing the cracks helps address the root cause and prevents potential structural failure.

7. HVAC Maintenance:-

HVAC is considered the most important part of a house after roofing. The HVAC system is used in both residential and commercial buildings and is placed easily on the roof. The HVAC comprises different systems that help to move air between the indoors/outdoor while controlling temperature and humidity levels. HVAC systems help to sustain indoor air quality through ventilation.

There are many benefits of HVAC systems, including saving interior space, easy maintenance /installation, low bills, reliability, and heating /cooling of huge spaces.

As discussed above, the HVAC system is easy to maintain which helps to save money, provide clean air, enhance home safety, and improve the overall environment. Professionals in the HVAC field suggest that the regular maintenance of HVAC systems will decrease 95% of costly damages.

If your HVAC system consists of a central AC /furnace it should be maintained once a year. But if you have a heat pump system then it is advised to schedule its maintenance twice a year. Now the question arises if this system is so cost /energy effective and easy to install /maintain then how would I maintain it? I will tell you in this article how to maintain HVAC effectively.

Filter Cleaning:-

In your HVAC system, the disposable filters help out to keep your system clean as it helps eradicate large particles from indoor air. Many professionals suggest using MERV 7 – 11 filters as it helps to clear out the smoke, airborne viruses, and smog. These filters keep on operating properly if they are cleared every 1-3 months. These filters will not reduce the airflow of systems and will not affect system efficiency negatively.

Condensing Unit Washing:-

In Urban areas, there is a high flow of traffic due to population which affects the air quality index negatively. In these areas, metal fins of condensing units closed down with dirt, pollen, and grime. It is suggested to clean the condensing unit once a year with a low-pressure washer. Secondly, to maintain the outdoor unit, keep a visual eye on the outdoor unit. If you find any leaves, vegetation, and bushes growing, remove them instantly because it interfaces with the airflow of the outdoor unit. Bushes and leaves are sources of excessive pollen that lead to the clogging of condensing units.

HVAC Drain Pipe Cleaning:-

Many professionals suggest checking the HVAC drain pipe. With time blockage has been seen in the HVAC pipes containing algae /molds. These algae /molds can easily be cleared by bleach wash or wet dry vacuum. If there is a blockage in drain pipes it will lead to a corrosive mixture that will damage the coil of the evaporator.


In this article, we have covered all the major areas of the house’s interior /exterior that require proper maintenance over time. If these areas are not properly maintained they will cause costly damage to the house. We are sure that if these tips are followed properly you will never face any costly house damages.



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