How often should you use a massage chair?


Anyone who possesses a massage chair is familiar with the benefits provided by it. If you have pain in your back, shoulders, neck or feet then using massage therapy can relieve all the pain and give you a relaxed feeling. While enjoying the benefits of the massage chair most users frequently ask this question that how often we should use it? Is it safe to use it for longer periods of time?

This article will address all the queries faced by the user. If you are interested in knowing then read below;

Massage chair

Start with brief massage sessions

Most of the massage experts are of the view that you should start by using the massage programs in the chair for just 15 minutes and after that, you should get up and go for a short walk to thoroughly enjoy the benefits of the massage chair.

Enjoying the high level of instant relief offered by the massage chair, most people get carried away and spend more time than the recommended time. Doing so can do more harm than good. Therefore be careful and don’t forget to set the timer when you use the massage chair and to get maximum output use the massage chair for 2-3 times per week.

Adverse effects of sitting in the massage chair for a longer period

Sitting in the massage chair for more extended periods of time can cause various adverse effects such as damaging the muscles and body tissues and causing inflammation. The powerful rollers of the massage chair when allowed to act for a longer period leave bruises on the body

The massage chair is a technology that is used to alleviate stress and chronic pain and make the users feel great. Therefore make sure you use it as per the instructions of the experts because excessive usage of a good thing can turn into a bad thing.

Using a massage chair is like doing a workout

The Same basic principle is applied while using the massage chair for the first time as getting back into your workout routine. That is, when you work out for the first time you don’t start with advanced exercises instead, you start with warm up exercises first to gradually prepare your body if you start with advanced training you will end up with a sore body. Same is the case with the usage of massage chair, you should start with minimal time first and then prepare your body to enjoy the benefits for a longer period but make sure you don’t exceed the safe period. Just keep this simple rule in mind that you should enjoy the advantages offered by the massage chair, but you should never overdo it.

However, this does not mean that you cannot sit in the massage chair when it is turned off. The massage chair is designed in a manner to provide support to the three areas of the human back that is, lumbar, thoracic and cervical portions. Massage chair provides not only healthy back support but also the best posture so, you can sit in when you are watching TV, reading some book or doing any other activity. But make sure that if you are using some massage program, then you should not use it for more than15 minutes. 

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