Top 5 Benefits of Access Control System


Access control system is a great way to keep burglars or wanderers at bay. They are quite effective in comparison to the door locking system. Also, there is no issue of keys getting misplaced in this kind of system. In such a system, one is allowed entry only through personal identification.

When you use this system, only authorized visitors and employees can get access to the building. Another advantageous feature about this system is protection against confidential information getting leaked.

Advanced access control system employ bar codes, smart cards, digital cameras and magnetic strips. They also make use of biometric technology for personnel bodily identification.

Access Control System

Here are some more advantages of access control system:

#1. No duplication:

In other types of security locks, there are high chances of keys getting into wrong hands through theft. Also such keys can easily be duplicated and passed to miscreants. Duplication is not very easy in case of electronic keys. It requires great degree of skills and knowledge; hence duplication is rare. This makes businesses and homes, even more secure.

#2. Simple personalized access:

Security systems with advanced features offer best access control and programming them is quite simple. Hence using them is hassle free. You can also customize them using features like individual access per person, group access  and other ways to have control on visitors.

Through these systems, you can also set user-level controls on specific location and/or time. For example, you can give your employees access to the office building only between working hours. Or you can give your employees only to specific areas of the office building. Such accessibility control is certainly possible with Access Control Systems.

#3. No tension of lost keys

When there is access control system you do not have to worry regarding losing keys. This is because this system does not have any key. Hence, there are no chances of forgetting keys or locking yourself out.

Also, you won’t need to carry multiple keys. The code can be customized for various users and not for the door. Hence, the same key code will offer you access anywhere you would like to go. Business owners can easily program new key code for new employees.

Access Control System

#4. Remote Access

Another great benefit of access control is that you can allow people to get in, even when you are not present there. This feature is very useful in many situations. For example, if your kids are stuck outside and you are away, you can allow them access to the house. Similarly, if you want your neighbor to get in your house to check if everything is fine when you are on a holiday, you can easily do so. Also, during office renovation, if a contractor needs to access a specific part of the office, you can easily give him access remotely. So, you see how flexible the access control system is as it helps you to access your residential or commercial property 24X7 remotely.

#5. Visitors History

This is not all, you can also have complete information of all the users through the Track History feature. This way, you can keep a log of all the visitors. This information is especially useful in case of theft or vandalism. You can easily keep a track of suspicious people who try to enter your property.

Now that you know about the benefits of these systems, if you are planning to install these then you need to make sure that you search for a reliable and trustworthy supplier. It is only then you will be able to get the quality system for your needs.


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