Things To Know About Silver Travertine Pool Coping!


In the tile industry, Silver Travertine is considered as a diva. It has numerous shades of white, brown, and silver, making it a cool and stunning headliner.

Silver Travertine Pool Coping has blue undertones, cool whites, and soft greys. For flexibility in design and installation, this bull nose-finished round travertine pool coping is available in three sizes. Use it to cap the edges of architectural stairs, retaining walls, sitting benches, and other features and to create elegant transitions between pool decks and pools. It complements a variety of natural stones wonderfully.

For use with travertine pavers and tiles, Natural Stone US provides a variety of elegant honed and tumbled copings in a silver-grey tint. Additionally, these products can enhance the beauty of residential homes’ exterior and interior walls by being used as pool copings, wall caps, and stair treads. Silver Travertine Pool Copings come in various finishes and colors that complement the travertine in your home and can give any area they’re used in an air of sophisticated luxury.

Is it Slippery?

Since silver travertine tends to look like marble, this is frequently one of the first questions pool owners ask about using travertine around a pool. Travertine is not slick when wet, despite what you might think from looking at it. It absorbs water. Because it is a naturally occurring substance, it is porous and contains minuscule pores. Because of this, Travertine has a non-slip surface and cannot collect water on it.

Silver Travertine’s pool coping is preferred by pool owners who place a high priority on safety. 

Not That Heated-

If you have been to a pool, you know that certain materials can quickly burn bare feet in the summer sun. One of the best things about silver travertine pool coping is that it keeps your feet cool and prevents your friends and family from getting burned.

Travertine decking will keep your feet cool if you live in an area where temperature exceeds 85 degrees. While reflecting the sun’s rays, travertine transfers the excellent, low temperature from beneath the Earth. Travertine’s surface stays cool to the touch thanks to the movement of cool air. This is great when you want to have barbecues or play in the pool in the middle of the day without worrying about people burning their feet.

Very Durable-

A silver travertine pool-copped deck lasts a very long time. Pavers that are well-maintained will last for many decades. Some last for more than a century. This stone can handle a lot of residential traffic, both indoors and out. Here’s why!

Natural travertine is a dense rock formed in limestone caves and hot springs. 

We all know by now that it cannot be scratched, chipped, or cracked. However, it is still important to remember that everything has a breaking point. 

A significant impact may harm it. Silver travertine pool-copped pavers are great because they can be replaced whenever necessary. It’s a good idea to have a few additional travertine pieces on hand.

Not So Expensive-

Now, the question you might have been is whether silver travertine pool coping is expensive. Travertine is available at a wide range of prices. However, it typically costs less than granite or marble. It is a great choice for people who want to use natural stone because of its lower cost.

The likelihood is that the price will be higher. The higher the quality, the rarer the type you want, or the more polished or treated it is.

The size of your pool deck, the state of your existing surface, and the labor cost all influence the price of a silver travertine pool coping. For the materials alone, travertine pavers typically start at $4–$5 per square. The prices go up from there, and they can go up a lot or minor, depending on the quality of the travertine you select. Installation is also going to cost you money.

Bottom Line-

Taking a dip in your private pool is the best way to beat the heat on a hot summer day. Gather the whole family. Invite everyone you know. Make some memories you’ll all remember for the rest of your lives. Be safe with silver travertine pool coping!


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