The Door For The Modern Home Owner: Double Glazed Sliding Door


When it comes to modern home renovation, few matches the elegance and modern sophistication of a double glazed sliding door. A popular addition to modern home renovations, double glazed doors is a great way to connect between the outdoors and indoors. Single glazed doors are often not the best in insulating the house thus often homeowners upgrade them to double glazed doors, by doing so it mitigates the insulation issue which single glazed sliding doors are faced with.

Double glazed sliding door and windows have panels that have two pieces of glass united together with a spacer between them. This space is airtightly sealed and filled with argon gas.

Benefits To Installing A Double Glazed Sliding Door

  1. Great at insulating the house: If your house suffers from draught winds that is air coming in and out from your windows, or that your air conditioner or heater is running more than it should. This is a problem, as this means hot or cold air is escaping from the room. With double glazed sliding doors, you are provided with a high level of insulation against the cold in winter months and hot air during summer months. The space between the glass in double glazed products acts as a thermal barrier between your house and the external environment.
  2. Noise levels are reduced: If you live near crowded spaces or busy roads, or you have noisy neighbours. With double glazed sliding doors, you no longer have to worry about losing your mind to the endless noise. It provides houses with sound insulation which brings down the decibel levels and aids you in getting the sound sleep you deserve. This air gap allows double glazed products can absorb more sound energy.
  3. Environmentally friendlier: Considered by many as an innovative and modern approach to the current environmental concerns. With a lower amount of carbon footprints, they are friendlier to the environment. One can also recycle it and salvage the material for other uses. By reducing heat loss and gain, double glazed sliding doors can reduce your need for this electrical temperature control.
  4. You don’t have to plan: If you are seeking to have double sliding doors glazed installed but already have other more traditional doors already installed in its place do not worry. With some adjustment, you can have your door adjusted to the requirements of a double glazed door and have it easily installed. Without going out for broke and buying a whole new frame.

For many homeowners and interior designers, double glazed sliding doors have always been a great addition to the overall appeal of the house. Unlike conventional doors that operate on hinges, sliding doors are designed to operate by a slide mechanism which opens the door by simply sliding it to the side. Sliding doors are often seen used in rooms with small spaces where the installation of a conventional hinged door would prove to be problematic due to the limited space available. The double glazed sliding doors in this regard performs a dual function. Not only is it great for spaces where hinge doors are inconvenient but it also serves as a good insulation from hot and cold airs as well as sound.

From a designer’s perspective, glazed sliding doors make for a great addition in boosting a house appearance, providing it with a modern and sleek look, its usage of space makes it a favourite among designers who work in remodelling tight spaces. Double-glazed sliding doors have profiles that are uniform across the range.a

They are not only architecturally symmetrical with one another. but also architecturally symmetrical with our single-glazed products. This symmetry offers greater flexibility in selecting the most suitable doors and windows.

If you are looking into providing your house with a new and modern looks, then you can always go ahead with installing double glazed sliding doors. An epitome of modern design coupled with its useful features makes it a great addition to your house aesthetic. Available in different colours and designs, one can purchase and customize it accordingly to your preferences.




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