What Are New Plumbing Issues Home Owners Are Experiencing?


When you have a new plumbing system installed, you expect it to work flawlessly. After all, age-related problems like mineral build-up in pipes are years away. Unfortunately sometimes even newly installed plumbing systems can come with a set of problems. Most of these issues are due to faulty installation or a failure to readjust valves and other settings. Here’s what to look for.


Lack of Hot Water

When it’s time to upgrade a plumbing system, many people opt for tankless water heaters. These systems have several benefits over traditional models, including a longer lifespan and enhanced energy efficiency. But you’ll need to carefully consider the system’s gallons per minute (GPM) and choose a product that meets your household’s hot water demands. If you’re having a hard time getting hot water out of the faucet, this might be due to an overwhelmed water heater. Basically your household is using more hot water than the system can keep up with.

Leaky Faucet

You’ve just installed a new faucet, and everything seems fine until you try to turn it off. You soon realize there’s a serious leak. There are several possible causes for this. The first possibility is pretty simple: There’s a loose connection somewhere. Perhaps whoever installed it failed to tighten a connector. If that’s not the case, you might find that one of the newly installed parts is defective. For example, a faulty or damaged O-ring could be responsible for the leak.

Water Heater Doesn’t Ignite

Running out of hot water is one thing. But what if there’s no hot water at all? When looking for a solution, start with the gas valve. It’s possible that someone was working on the system and forgot to open the valve when they were done. This is a pretty rare problem though, and it’s easy to notice because other appliances in your home will likely be affected as well. If the ignition does seem to be the problem, but the gas valve is open, the ignition mechanism itself might be to blame.

Low Flush Pressure

You’ve installed a new toilet but the weaker flush pressure is making you miss your old model. What went wrong here? In older toilets, clogged holes along the rim are a potential cause, but since you’re dealing with a brand new model, you can rule that out. Instead, check the water valve and ensure it’s open. It’s also possible that the water level inside the tank needs to be adjusted. Take a look under the lid and add water if necessary. The water level should fall just below the top of the overflow tube. If this doesn’t fix the issue, consider calling in a professional for plumbing repair.


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