Cloud computing and virtual server are not future technologies anymore


If you are aware of a typical networking architecture you would know that there is a main machine or the server and there are workstations that are all connected to the server. It is the server that manages the entire flow of information in the entire architecture. Whenever we think of servers we can visualize those large machines that are kept in a room with the highest levels of security. But not anymore because we have already moved to the concept of the virtual server. A virtual server with cloud computing can do the same job that a physical server can do but with enhanced levels of security that no one needs to monitor on a hourly basis.


Data storage is one of the main components of any network architecture. Take the example of an office where hundreds of employees work on their individual workstations and laptops and they store tons of data every day. Typically this data is not just stored in their own machines but in the server too. The reason for this is security. If one workstation crashes the data in it is not lost. It can be retrieved from the server. Moreover, the server can track and manage internet bandwidth consumption and ensure that it is not misused. The server also manages security where every action and command in every workstation in monitored.

Now what if there is no physical machine doing this job? It is possible and it is being made possible through the use of a virtual server. Today servers reside in the virtual world where they do the same job as a physical server but without the use of hardware. You may be sitting in an office in Houston, Texas and your office server could be somewhere in New Jersey or even in Bangalore. If you are not part of the IT team in your organization there is no way for you to know where the data storage is happening and from where the entire computer network is being controlled.

Cloud computing is also virtual in nature where computer resources are delivered over a network. The entire architecture of this service is shaped like a cloud and hence the name. There are different types of cloud computing solutions available – SaaS or Software as a Service, NaaS or Network as a Service or APIaaS or API as a Service. Virtually anything and everything can now reside on the cloud.

What is the advantage of cloud computing? The biggest advantage is that there is no dependence on hardware. It is software that manages everything – hardware and software applications. Today when more and more companies are saving money by letting employees work from home cloud technology has become essential. Since everything is on a cloud any data can be accessed from anywhere with the right kind of credentials.

Cloud computing and virtual server are high end technological solutions provided by top software companies. As you read more about both these technologies you will be enthralled by the possibilities thrown up by them.

Cloud computing and virtual server have changed the way we use technology now.

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