How To Choose Best Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair


Keeping your house neat and tidy is a task, but when you have pets then this task becomes more hectic. Though our pets offer us company and keep us happy, they shed hair. This becomes problematic when you notice their hair in every nook and corner of the house. Therefore, finding the best vacuum cleaner for pets is a mere necessity. As your pets company is not just limited to your house, but it accompanies you in your car as well, you definitely need a handheld vacuum to get rid of pet hair. The problem is, there are many handheld vacuums available in the market and making a perfect choice can be quite perplexing.

Let’s see how you can choose the best handheld vacuum for pet hair which can make your cleaning task simple and fruitful. Check for the following features in the vacuum and you will be able to make a perfect selection.

  • Suction Power:

The suction power of the vacuum should be good and if you can adjust this then you will not struggle to collect the pet hair from the carpets and furniture. The suction power of the vacuum depends on the power of motor so it should be strong to suck the fur from rugs and carpet fibers as well as other surfaces because pets leave trails of dander at such places. The vacuum should not blow away the debris.

  • Corded or cordless

Though all the handheld vacuums are portable, cordless vacuums allow you to move freely when it comes to cleaning stairway, furniture, inner space in cars, etc. You do not need power outlets as well.

The difference between corded and cordless vacuums is that you don’t have to worry about running out of charge while using a corded vacuum cleaner. It is great to clean large messes as well.

  • Capacity:

Pets shed more than humans and with the help of handheld vacuums that have a large dirt-holding capacity is very important. Some pets have long hair that shed more hair as compared to those who have short hair. When you buy a pet vacuum cleaner, it should be taken in consideration. Dirt holding capacity of the vacuum should be good enough to collect pet hair. One of the features that you will find in the best vacuum for pets is this and the capacity should be determined by the number of pets. If there are more pets then there will be more hair so you need high cup capacity so the need to empty the cup will also reduce. For the elderly, it is not a good option because the weight of the cleaner will also increase.

  • Filtration

If you or your family members have a history of allergies then pet dander from dogs or cats can aggravate the allergy. A vacuum with high filtration levels is preferable. You should buy a vacuum that has HEPA filtration. It will prevent tiny pet hair particles and dust from flying back in the air that can cause severe allergies. Therefore, you should buy a vacuum which allows you to take care of your health in the best way.

  • Weight

Handheld vacuums are not good to clean the floors and they should not be heavy so you can easily clean the furniture inside the car.  A lightweight handheld vacuum will have fewer features and will offer reduced functionality.

  • Budget:

The best vacuums for pet hair come with better functionality and power and they are not very cheap. If you do a proper market research then it will be easier to find an affordable vacuum cleaner with great features. It will be high priced, but not very expensive. It is best to decide your budget and then make a purchase. ‘

So, think about the above points when choosing a vacuum and you will be able to select the best one that will meet your needs for a long time.


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