What Should You Choose – Concrete Sidewalk or Pavement?


To make your outdoor space lively and spectacular, you may be thinking of building a sidewalk or pavement, but making a choice can be quite perplexing. After all, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Well, when you think of remodeling your outdoor living space there are several important factors which one must consider.

Choosing the best option is vital and the choice will depend on how do you plan to use the surface. Will it is used for heavy traffic volume or it is just an add-on to your property where you plan to spend quality time with your family. There are different other things which need your attention as well, like, how much time and money are you willing to invest and will you prefer doing it on your own or need the help of experts? After this, which one is the best for you?

Well, when it comes to pavement people choose Asphalt or permeable pavement, but is it better than a concrete sidewalk. Let’s’ find out:

  • Asphalt Pavement:

The most common paving material for which people call the Ohio Concrete Contractors is the Asphalt because it is cost effective compared to concrete. It is also faster to install and readily available. Repairing Asphalt pavement is also very easy. The finished surface has a good degree of flexibility where using concrete would not be a good idea it would crack because of the soil changing conditions, erosion and frost upheaval. It comes at the same price of permeable pavers and perfect for larger applications.

Disadvantages: There are some disadvantages of Asphalt pavement and that is why people prefer concrete walkway ideas which come with more advantages. Well, the disadvantages of Asphalt is

It is made combining gravel with asphalt which is a petroleum product and acts as a binder. As it is a petroleum product, it contains a significant amount of chemicals and hydrocarbons which cannot be recycled and is harmful to the environment. It is non-renewable and has a limited supply.

It is less durable and soft in nature. Thus, the maintenance it requires is costly. It needs to be maintained frequently to fill the potholes and seal the cracks, especially where the surface is exposed to sunlight. The heat softens and increases the degradation.

Dark color also absorbs more heat so it increases the energy usage and cooling costs. It requires an extensive drainage system to collect the stormwater so flooding issues due to rain can be prevented. The need for expensive equipment to heat the material and install is also important. A large amount of labor has also required that need to work in dangerous conditions so the risk of injury is also very high.

  • Permeable pavement:

Permeable Pavers are long lasting and is also a durable solution. They offer good strength and need to be filled with limestone and gravel. They can handle heavy commercial traffic like tractors, forklifts and other construction equipment at high volumes. It is not vulnerable to cracking and requires less maintenance as well. They are environment-friendly and sustainable as well.

Disadvantages: Same amount of preparation is needed for the subsurface as with other materials and during the installation process heavy equipment is also required. Depending on the requirements of the project they cost more than asphalt and as these are a new solution, finding experienced contractors can be quite challenging.

  • Concrete Sidewalk:

A concrete sidewalk construction is quite durable and long lasting paving solution when it is installed at proper thickness with highly effective expansion and reinforcement systems to prevent cracking and other kinds of damage.

It also absorbs less heat and is made from natural materials like sand, rock, etc. Thus, it can be ground down easily and used for other purposes. Thus, it is more environment-friendly.

You can go for different concrete sidewalk forms and be as creative as you want to. You can think of endless designs when it comes to building a concrete sidewalk. You can choose a variety of patterns, attractive colors, cobblestone patterns and some formulations that are porous just like permeable pavers.

Disadvantages: It is labor intensive and can be damaged because of erosion. It takes time to build a concrete sidewalk. The need for heavy machinery is also mandatory like pump trucks and concrete trucks. You need experienced and knowledgeable staff to continue the job who have the necessary skills to use the finishing equipment in a smart way.

To shape the material the need of purpose-built forms is also necessary. In most of the concrete projects, the use of the drainage system is important and hence installing it is a little complex.

Though the disadvantage is that it is expensive compared to permeable and asphalt pavement and prone to cracking. The concrete walkway cost is also high because the need to maintain it is not as high as pavements.


Asphalt is often considered as a superior material to concrete because of several reasons. It is easy to work with Asphalt and it can be installed quickly than concrete. When the need for replacement and maintenance comes, only the top layer is repaved and the middle, as well as the base layer, is considered to be permanent. Therefore, it is more cost-effective than the concrete surface. The concrete surface is more costly than the Asphalt. Concrete is thirty-five percent more costly.

With Asphalt the need for preventive maintenance is more and it helps to keep asphalt functioning like a new one for a long period of time. On the other hand, concrete loses its new look more quickly and require sealing and proper maintenance. Asphalt pavement can last for about 20 years and when it needs to be replaced, the cost is less than replacing the concrete.

So, if you are thinking to add some spark to your outdoor living space then get in touch with the most experienced concrete walkway contractors who can offer their suggestions that which option will work best for you. They will also complete the work skilfully and give you amazing results at the end.


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