Is CPAP Mask For Side Sleeper? Find Out


People sleep in different positions. Some lie down straight, some sleep on their tummy and some are comfortable with the side position. According to some studies, 41% of individuals (more women than men) prefer to sleep on their sides. Hence, this side sleeping position is most common amongst people.

The side sleepers make themselves comfortable lying on their sides in curled up positions. As per British reports dated 2017, people get health benefits sleeping on their sides. Apparently, gravitational forces help in breathing while sleeping on the side.

Patients suffering from Apnea have difficulties in breathing while sleeping. They can improve their breathing by utilizing the appropriate CPAP model available in the market. As a sleep Apnea patient, one must pay attention to their sleep position. Well, while sleeping one cannot analyze this pattern. Hence, they need to consult an expert observer who analyses an individual’s sleeping habits including the sleep position. After that, the Apnea patient is advised to use the most appropriate CPAP Mask.

What are the most significant features of CPAP masks?

There are special CPAP masks made especially for sleep Apnea patients who prefer to sleep on their sides. Several reputable CPAP mask liners manufacture these CPAP masks. The CPAP masks meant for sleep Apnea side sleepers have to be flexible and soft.

The CPAP mask should be fastened comfortably even when the patient’s face is pressed against the pillow. Also, the most significant feature of the CPAP mask is that it should always remain attached. This is absolutely necessary so that the CPAP mask does not get displaced while the individual shifts from side to side in a deep sleep.

Since the CPAP masks have to be worn during the longest hours to experience deep sleep, one should give equal importance to using comfortable CPAP masks. An ideal CPAP mask is made of the soft-to-touch buckle and a soft cloth. The CPAP masks should be soft to touch against the facial structure. The masks should fit well such that they remain even when the patient moves from side to side. Here are some of the CPAP masks for side sleeper Apnea patients available in the market.

AirTouch F20 Full Face Mask: It is made for side sleepers who need to breathe orally, so the mask can cover their nose and mouth appropriately. UltraSoft material is used for cushioning.

AirFit N20 Nasal Mask: It has many layers of material. This mask is flexible and can be adjusted to fit the face and nose.

Nuance proPhilips Respironics Nuance Pro: Made of latest gel technology for sealing the nose better. Patients have mentioned that this CPAP mask leaves less facial red marks than other CPAP masks of today. This CPAP mask comes with a headgear that ensures the mask remains fixed while the patient is in a deep sleep.

Opus 360 Fisher & Paykel Opus 360: Offers 360 degrees of free movement. The tube connected to the nasal pillow rotates on a ball joint. This enables the user to position the tube above the head, on the side of the face or straight down. The nasal pillow comes in three different sizes.

ResMed Swift FX:  It is simple, basic, made of lightweight material and comfortable for covering the full face. The nasal pillow is provided with a stable hose connection that fits into the nostrils. The custom-made ear loops are available in multiple sized cushions that can fit perfectly to all those who sleep inside position.

ResMed Nano: Latest CPAP mask made for those who dislike nosepiece of the ResMed Swift FX. Instead of the nasal pillow, the individual is provided with a cushioned receiver that has to be placed on the nose. Also, the nose piece is more flexible at the connection with the tube. The price of Nano is more since it is a newer model.

Swift FX Nasal Pillow Mask: Made of two-walled flaps that act as a pillow for the nose. As a result, the side sleeper Apnea patient can breathe fully. Also, this CPAP model provides comfort to the side sleeper while so the Apnea patient can have a sound sleep. The built-in flexible chamber ensures that the mask remains on all the time. All through the night during deep sleep, the patient can move from side to side.  This CPAP Mask comes with a headgear made of silicone and other soft materials. This works as the seal of the mask.

Which CPAP mask model to buy?

In case one finds it difficult to breathe while sleeping, consult the physician who would diagnose the problem effectively. If one has Apnea, then one should find the best sleeping position. After that, if one is a side sleeper, then check the reviews. If you check the best CPAP mask reviewsbefore choosing one online then you will be able to make a decent purchase. Only after understanding the features one should purchase the most suitable machine.


Medical help is at hand for using a basic, comfortable and straightforward CPAP mask for those who prefer to sleep on their side. A physician can your sleeping position and help you choose an ideal mask to experience deep sleep. This will eliminate difficulties during breathing while one sleeps and ensure you to have a good health as well.


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