How To Choose Best Speakers For Your Car


  Let’s be honest, traveling long distances in your car without some good music can be really boring. The good news is, you have a chance to upgrade your car speakers and spice up your trips. Finding the best speakers for your car can be a daunting task because there are so many things to consider. Things such as size, power, total watts and cost are what you need to put into consideration when shopping for car speakers. So, how exactly do you choose the best speakers for your car? Read on to find out.

The Type of Speaker

In general, there are two major types of car speakers to choose from full-range and component speakers. Knowing the type of speaker that you are looking for can save you some time and money. Full-range car speaker is an all-in-one type of speaker. They are affordable, easy to install, and can produce any range of sounds. They are highly recommended if you only interested in replacing your factory speakers. Component speakers are designed to produce the best possible quality of sound. A typical component speaker includes tweeters, separate woofers, and external crossovers. This means that you can mount the tweeter in a different location from the woofer and your music will still sound more realistic and have a greater depth.

Speaker Materials

The durability and sound quality of a speaker are determined by its material. Tweeter materials – The tweeter is often made with soft materials such as silk, polyurethane, or textile blends. These materials are highly preferred because of the way that they warm the sound. On the other hand, if you prefer bight and snappy sound, you can use hard materials such as graphite, ceramics, or metal to build the tweeters. Surround materials – The surround around the woofer has to endure humidity and the wind to allow the woofer to produce quality bass sound. They are usually made of rubber so that they can last long and provide the best performance. Other materials like foam and woven fabric can also be used. Woofer materials – The best type of woofer is the one that produces quality bass sound. In this light, it is highly recommended that you choose a woofer that is made with lightweight, stiff material such as polypropylene. Other materials like woven fabrics or synthetic coated aluminum can also be used. These materials are preferred because of their ability to withstand moisture, cold and heat.

Sound Quality

The main reason why you are shopping around for car speakers is that because you are looking for a system that produced great sound quality. When shopping around for speakers, there are some few things that you need to consider in order to determine the sound quality of a given speaker. Frequency range – The first thing that you need to check is the frequency range. The thing about frequency range is the wider the range is, the more quality sound the speaker is capable of reproducing. The lowest frequency range is usually 10 Hertz and the highest is 20,000 Hertz. It is not a must for you to have the 20,000 Hertz speaker in order to get god sound quality. Just look for the one that is appropriate for you. Sensitivity rating – Sensitivity rating is the next thing that you need to consider when shopping for car speakers with great sound quality. The sensitivity does not affect the sound quality of the speakers directly, but they are ideal for controlling the amount of sound that the speaker reproduces. For instance, if your car has a low powered stereo, it is highly advisable that you choose a speaker that comes with a high sensitivity rating. On the other hand, if your car has a high powered stereo, a system with a lower sensitivity rating will be great for you.


The bottom line is a good car speaker can make your driving experience memorable and enjoyable. The best type of speakers are pocket friendly but still produced the best possible sound quality. If you want to choose the best type of speakers, it is highly advisable that you shop around and compare prices. Know the type of speakers that you are looking for, their sound quality, the materials that they are made from and their price range.

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