How to Ascertain the Cost of the Car Transmission Repair?


When the power of the car engine is transmitted to the wheels of the car, it starts moving soundly and stops at the same reactions of the engine. But, this transmission of the power is done by a special tool fixed in the car engine that can be manual or automatic, as available in the modern cars. If this transmission breaks down, the car will stop moving and will require urgent repair. Though, this car transmission repair is an expensive matter, as not all the mechanics are well acquainted with the detailed techniques. So, the car owners must know about the costs of different kinds of repairs in the transmission, so that they can be ready whenever needed for their cars.

car transmission
Car Transmission

Types of Faults Normally Seen To Be Developed In The Car Transmission

  • Leakage of the fluid – Generally, the car transmission is well sealed with Automatic Transmission Fluid or ATF that is responsible for the lubrication and auto cleaning of the seals.  However, if any leakage forms on the pan gasket or on the seal, this reddish-brownish coloured fluid may leak and needs urgent repairing, to keep the car moving. The burning smell is another sign of the leakage of ATF that can be detected, which may turn the car too hot and risky to drive
  • Inability of changing gear – If the gear of the car cannot be changed easily, even after hard pressing the clutch; the level of the transmission fluid should be checked immediately. Else, it may be a problem with the computerized system of the transmission. There may be a grinding noise while trying to change gear that indicates the problem is with the transmission. The clutch disc may also fail to work in accordance with the steering wheel, when the clutch pedal may be pressed for changing gears.
  • Unnatural noises from the car engine – The driver may notice some strange types of noises emitting from the car engine that was not heard before. Mainly, while changing gears or pressing the brakes. These noises can be the indications of any fault in the transmission of the car.
  • Turning on of the engine light – The engine light may turn on without any reason and it can be spotted on the dashboard of the car. This light may act as a warning signal of the malfunctioning of the transmission or any other part of the engine and needs urgent inspection by an expert.

Factors That May Influence Car Transmission Repair Costs Are:

Car Transmission
Car Transmission
  • The cost of the car transmission repair depends much upon the model of the car and its manufacturing company. The repairs of the high-end expensive cars are costlier than the usual low-range ones.
  • The costs of the repairs obviously depend on the amount of damages caused in the transmission of the car, which can increase if there is any requirement of changing the parts of the car transmission.
  • In case of the new and well maintained car, the repair cost may be far lesser, due to the negligible amount of damages. On the other hand, the older cars need more frequent repairs. Moreover, it is difficult to get the parts of too old car.
  • If the car transmission is a manual one, its repair will cost lesser than that of the automatic transmission system.
  • Some car garages may be more expensive than the others, mostly, due to the quality services and the reputation, which they hold or because of the prime location of the garage.

Hence, one can avail the service by ascertaining cost factors of car transmission in time of need


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