3 Most Popular Types of Roofing Materials



A good roof is an integral part of any building. It keeps people safe from harsh weather conditions and intruders. Without it, a home or commercial structure is incomplete and uninhabitable. Now, if you are planning to construct a building soon, it would help a lot if you understood the different aspects and parts that go into installation of a strong, durable roof. This article will take you through the various types roofing materials available in the South African market. More so the popular ones.

1. Metal roofs

Metal roofs come in all forms, shapes, and sizes, but one thing they all have in common is that they are manufactured from metals. Their only diversity comes from the different metals used to manufacture the sheets or tiles. You will get metal roofs made from aluminium, steel, zinc, copper, and their alloys. Usually, the roofing will take to the qualities of the metals it was manufactured from. For instance, copper is known to be corrosion resistant, while aluminium is credited for its light weight nature and durability.

As for the cost, it is directly proportional to the market value of the metal. And, for the longest time, steel has remained to be a more affordable option than copper. Which is why you will find it installed in majority of houses in the region. Nevertheless, whether you opt for the sheets or metal roofing in South Africa, you are sure to enjoy the fire resistance, low maintenance, and durability qualities of metal roofing.


2. Slate

Slates popularity as a roofing material is solely based on it being a natural product that is highly durable. When maintained properly they can last for over 70 years, with very little to no complications. They are also fire & wind resistant and not susceptible to rot. Customers can choose from a broad range of natural colours to match all manner of architectural styles.

The only challenges with slate are that it is heavy, therefore requires reinforced roofing structure for support, and it only works best for steep sloped roofs. The cost of purchasing the slates and installation is also a bit higher than other different types of roofs in South Africa.

3. Tiles

Tiles are one of the most versatile and highly sustainable roofing styles available on the market. Their history dates to as early as 3rd millennium BC in Greece. They are made from various materials like clay, concrete, and sand castles too. People love them for their stylish looks and durability. They fit easily on moderate and steeper sloped roofs, but their heavy weight will require reinforced roof framing to provide sturdy support.

One good thing about roof tiles is that they are always evolving. The introduction of solar roof tiles in South Africa was one of the best things to happen to the roofing market. Their design is very similar to the conventional roof tiles, only that they have photovoltaic cell inside to generate renewable electricity.

To get the best roof tiles in South Africa – from the most suitable material, to high quality installations -talk to an expert roofer. An expert is better placed to help you make informed choices, and get the job done efficiently, on time, and within your budget.

In addition to the three, there are many different roof types being installed in residential and commercial properties all over South Africa. For instance, it isn’t a surprise to find buildings with well thatched roofs. Usually, it comes down to a person’s preference after they have taken into consideration factors like durability, maintenance, weight, slope, eco-friendliness, style, and cost of the roofing.

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