Why Would You Install A Ducted Heating System In Your Home?


Think about those frosty mornings when you cannot step out from your bed and walk on your floor. You need to turn on the room heater before you step out from your bed in the morning. In this case, you can install a ducted heating system in your home. It can control the temperature of your home and you can adjust the heat of different zones of the house. It is true that ducted heating systems are expensive, and you need to invest a huge amount to install them. however, once you install this system in your home, you do not need to spend any additional maintenance cost on it. Apart from that, it can save your power consumption cost also.

Ducted heating systems are equipped with a central heating unit, which will produce the heat and circulate the warm air into your rooms through the ducts installed in your ceiling or walls. You can also install ducts in your flooring too. You can choose a reverse-cycle heating system for your home and use it throughout the year. It will keep your rooms cool in summer and provide warm air in winter. this way, you do not need to invest in separate air conditioning systems for you home.

What Are The Benefits Of Ducted Heating System?

Most of the ducted heating systems are operated by LPG or natural gas. These heating units can keep your home safe from dampness and high-humidity level. You can control the temperature of the certain zones or rooms by closing the ducts of those particular areas. Even, you can turn on the auto-mode of your heating system to control the temperature of your house automatically.

  • You can install a ducted heating system in your existing home, and you can install such ducts on your ceiling, walls and floor. Once you install the system in your home, you can customize the same through its control panel and you can use a remote-control system to adjust the temperature of your rooms.
  • Ducted heating systems are energy efficient, and they are available with 5-to-7-star ratings. So, you can choose a heating system with more energy ratings to save your energy consumption cost.
  • In the case of ducted system, warm air has been heated and produced in the heating unit and it is pushed through the ducts to your rooms. So, the heat will be equality distributed in your rooms and you cannot find any cold spots in your home.
  • You can install the main control panel in your bedroom or hall, and you can control the temperature of different rooms through this control panel. These control panels are equipped with touch-screen facility, and you can easily control the temperature of your home by using this panel or a remote-control system.
  • There will be no noise and you can get a sound sleep with a ducted heating Apart from that, vents are installed on your ceiling or floor, and they are almost invisible. They are aesthetically appealing, and you can decorate your rooms in any theme without compromising with your choices.


There are various brands offering ducted heating systems, you can conduct a research and shortlist 3 – 4 brands before you finalize one. You can visit them, discuss your requirements, budget and ask them for a free consultation. The technician will conduct an inspection of the entire house and accordingly let you know the estimated cost. compare the quotations from other manufacturers or dealers and pick the one that offers the best for every penny you pay them.


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