Things to Consider Before Choosing an Air Conditioner


The hot and sultry summer months, as well as warm and dry winters in the tropical northern region of Australia often gets too much to bear. The southern region, on the other hand, needs warmth during the rainy winter months. As a respite from the suffocating or chilling temperature, majority of households require proper air conditioner. With a proper air conditioner, it becomes comfortable to live in varying temperature conditions whether it’s a workplace or your home. If you are planning to get a new air conditioner or change your existing one, there are certain features and aspects of maintenance to consider.

Split AC’s Are Convenient

Air conditioners with multi-split system are more convenient for household as here the single outdoor unit will be connected to a number of indoor units. Choosing a multi-split air conditioning service gives you the convenience of setting different temperatures for different rooms. The compressor is mounted outdoor while the heating or cooling units are indoor wall-mounted or floor-standing. This results in reduction of running cost of the system as the machine can heat and cool accordingly.

Choose Thermal Insulation

One of the essential features in air conditioning is thermal insulation as it prevents fire breakout in case of an accident. With such insulation, the piping will no longer result in overheating or heat loss significantly. Besides, the air conditioners with thermal insulations are noise free and do not cause any vibration while functioning.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

While choosing the air conditioning service, check its energy efficiency in terms of SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. As per the standards, minimum SEER requirement is from 13 to 14. Above 14 comes under the category of energy efficient classification, so go for the one that is rated at least 14 or higher.

Also, consider the Coefficient of Performance or COP and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor or HSPF while buying the AC. The brands often indicate the energy efficiency with the energy star label –more stars mean more efficient and therefore, costlier.

Choose Perfect Size of AC

You should always go for the air conditioning service according to the area (in square feet) of the indoor space. If the AC is too large, energy will be wasted resulting in inflated utility bill as the unit will frequently be turned on and off while not dehumidifying effectively. Again, if the AC is too small, the indoor space will not be properly cooled or heated –the unit needs to be run continuously and energy consumption will hike.

It is better to get in touch with a professional so that you get a clear idea about the suitable size and space available for installation. The following things are to be considered for installation –

  • For split air conditioning service¸ the outdoor unit should be located in a space without high wind, scorching heat and torrential rain.
  • A multi-split AC requires an indoor area with unhindered airflow, from where the system can cool the room efficiently. The surrounding areas should be uncluttered and clean.
  • The condenser needs to be kept in shady area as overheating can occur from excessively bright areas.  

Consider Maintenance Services

While making a choice for a proper air conditioning service, make sure you take into consideration about the plan and rate of the annual tune-ups. The contractor should be familiar with the air conditioning unit and be licensed under national rules and regulations. You need to undertake preventive maintenance program for reliability and durability of the system. Hiring local contractors will be a cheaper choice in terms of cost and punctuality. Besides, local contractors will also come handy in case of emergency repairing and maintenance.

Buying an AC is a costly investment and if not planned in advance, you might have to spend a fortune in its maintenance. Always take suggestions and recommendations from your acquaintances regarding the brand of air conditioner, maintenance program and contractor.


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