Roofing Inspection Report: How to Create One and How It Helps


Whether you are buying a new house or have a roof inspection company, you must know the importance and process of the roof inspection. This contains things like annual inspections, roof surveys for customers, safety measures for personnel, and a plethora of other forms such as repair orders and quotes that are associated with the industry.

Contractors are moving away from using paper forms and instead turning these operations into computer systems in order to aid ease workflows for all engaged in the process. Finding the right roof restoration experts is important, and in any case, a primary roof inspection is required.

What is a roof report?

By roof report, it means a document that contains the details of the present state of the roof’s structures and its many components. The condition of a sloping or flat roof on a residential property would definitely be documented in a residential roof report. The age of the roof, what kind of problems the roof owner had been facing, what can be done to restore the roof for the next few years, additional costs etc. are some of the varieties that are important factors to determine the condition of the roof.

The purpose of a roof inspection report is to record any type of structural damage, deterioration, or degradation. The report provides a concise overview of all the information the customer or owner must understand about roof at that particular point in time. It will definitely help them make the necessary repairs or at least make some proper arrangement for the future. 

What does a roof report contain?

Just the way there are variety of buildings and structures are there to be seen, the types of roof inspections can also be that many in numbers. With proper inspection, you can understand the extent of roof damage so that the repairing can be done accordingly.

Let’s not make thing confusing. There are as many information you can add to the following information on the roof inspection.

Basic Information

Fundamental things such as the name of your client, their address, the report number, as well as the date of making the report.

Roof notes

Notes on the roof include things like an approximate age and lifespan of the roof, as well as its overall state, any images of the roof that were taken, and any notes about the roof’s overall condition.

The roof diagrams

It is a drawing that records the form of roof, the slopes of the roof, and any other significant aspects or components of the roof.


Approval and certification with the signing of the official who came for roof inspection

What areas should be covered in a roof inspection?

Roof inspection reports are the information that one gathers by simply visiting and analysing the different part of it. Following are the areas that one must cover while making a report. Roof layers, paints, gutter cleaning, sewage lines from the roof, cornice, colors condition, cement and asbestos varieties etc. are some of the components that you must check when you go for roof inspection.

  • Materials that cover the roof
  • The gutters
  • Skylights, chimney, flashing, vents and multiple other roof penetrations
  • The accessible panels, stairs, doors and the general structure of the roof of the building. 

What you need to do in a roof inspection?

These are the following that one needs to do in the roof inspection.

  • Take a walk on the surface of the roof
  • Predict the expected life the roof has
  • Take proper look at the drainage pipes.
  • If there is any snow, debris, ice, or any other thing as obstruction in inspection, remove them at first.
  • Move if there is any kind of insulation
  • Lightning arresters, de-icing equipment, inspect antenna, satellite dishes must also be inspected.
  • Doing a water test is a must
  • Certify or make warranty on the roof
  • Check and confirm whether the roof covering materials are properly installed or not.


Here we have covered all the basics of roof inspection. Understand that having a roof inspection report is important before you move into a new house. Also, people interested in the field can get some idea what they have to do. 


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