Renovate your kitchen with latest trends in market

Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation is a major task with full of potentials when one decides of renovating the house. If one gets few ideas about styling, construction, and budget and trends it can refresh the mind and will help to modernize the kitchen design. One can either start from beginning with entire new collection and designs or reuse the existing layout of the kitchen.

The following guidelines will definitely help everyone to design their kitchen with latest trends and modern designs to boost your efficiency and also comfort. Kitchen renovation will deal with all aspects of the kitchen including the cabinets, shelves, color combination, hardware, and much more.

Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen Renovation
  • Open shelves are better options than upper cabinets. They provide easy display space and the small kitchen appears larger.
  • Appliances will also need an upgrade as per the latest trends. One has to install appliances that are energy-saving like cooking range with convection oven, cooking range hood, refrigerator with energy star rating and many more appliances.
  • The kitchen hardware for cabinet will add a differnet look to the kitchen cabinets. Use a mixture of knobs and pull-out handles from the same style of the family for maintaining the same theme in the entire kitchen.
  • One should not ignore the ceilings while renovating the kitchen. One can add texture to the ceiling and give a different color scheme while painting.
  • The tiles that are used in the kitchen needs to be of contemporary design. One can use tiles of different configurations for the floor, walls of cabinet and color schemes and the compositional layout that will look refreshing after renovation.
Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen Renovation
  • The kitchen counter must have the texture of stone but should possess properties like laminate. This is the new trends coming up in kitchen renovations. The countertop shoudl be of a solid surface and made of single material. The countertop will be connected in a smooth manner with no visual edges. Advantages of this countertop are:
    • Affordable
    • Easily maintained
    • Suitable for preparing food
    • Not heat or scratch resistant but is difficult to stain and easily cleaned
    • The look is very aesthetic and smooth finish.
    • The sink is integrated within the countertop itself which is a practical and essential feature.
  • Painting of the walls, cabinet and the ceilings with different color combinations according to the trends is also an important part of the renovation. One needs to decide on the combinations between clear and monochromatic tones and minimize the use of wooden decors. The popular kitchen colors that are in trend are bright colors such as yellow, tawny color, blue, etc. in combination with monochromatic neutral color such as white.
  • The kitchen islands should be placed in the centre of the kitchen premises. One must have open plan kitchens. This type of kitchens is functional and these are accessible from all the sides.
  • The lightings in the kitchen with new lights that are used in the modern kitchen for ceiling light, under cabinet One can also add controls for adjusting the intensity of light.
Kitchen Renovatioin
Kitchen Renovation
  • One can put shelves of laminate that look like countertops and install those using brackets of metal that provide sturdy support. The latest trend is to add real plants in the kitchen and spread greenery all over.
  • One should organize kitchen in such a manner that all the pantry items are visible and easily accessible.
  • All the storage cabinets should be made of door-mounted shelves thus utilizing less space and less wasting of space. This type of arrangement is perfect for keeping especially spices for easy reach.

These points will enable to help in thinking about lots of aspects while doing kitchen renovations while keeping in mind the new trends and modernization that is needed for new kitchen.


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